Best Mothers Day Gifts for Wine Lovers

There’s no doubt that every year it gets harder to buy presents for your loved ones. It can become a very tough task to get something unique for every celebration throughout the 12 months, whether that be Christmas, a birthday or just a spontaneous gift.

It can become overwhelming to think of the best gifts to surprise your mum with – something she has never tried. However, if you know your mum has the guilty pleasure of night drinking with a glass of wine – then we may have the perfect idea for you.

Keep reading along with us to find out our top ideas on how you can make your mum smile this Mother’s Day.

Best Mothers Day Gifts for Wine Lovers

True wine lovers understand the importance of every process that any type of wine has to go through to become its best form. Whether it be red or white wine, it needs to be the right wine and treated correctly. Here are some of the best gifts for wine lovers that you need to see!

Wine Decanter

A very uncommon and unknown gift that can go amiss is a decanter. The option is there to get a luxury-looking wine decanter – but you can get a reliable decanter for about £15-£20. Decanters can be similar to a flower vase shape – has a wide surface towards the bottom and a long, skinny neck. However, there are a variety of different types of wine decanters.

This device is essentially used to separate the sediment from the wine. Sediment, if you didn’t know, is the solid material that settles at the bottom of the wine bottle. Decanters are especially useful for red wine as this has the most sediment – which will help enhance a wine’s flavour and expose it to some fresh air (room temperature) keeping it nice and cool.

However, if you’re looking to use this for another alcoholic beverage, such as gin, is not best stored in a decanter. This is because the botanicals that give gin its flavour evaporate a lot easier than wine. So decanters aren’t essential for all types of alcohol.

Wine Journal

For all of the wine lovers who try and test tons of brands of red and white wine – a wine journal could be the perfect gift for them. Think of your wine journal as your key to finding what you like and a way to build up your portfolio of wine trying. A great gift that can hold a lot of memories from times they have had with a certain wine – a wedding, party, etc.

Wine journals are very useful for finding out which wines pair well with different types of food. For example, a certain type of red wine could be a perfect match for a type of cheese – or on the other hand, you could find a pair that doesn’t work well together at all.

Wine Cooler

One of the biggest and best gifts you can please any wine lover with – is a luxury wine cooler. The opportunity to store a large amount of wine in one place – keeping the wine cool and fresh can’t be missed out on. What this will do is allow the vintage red or white wine to age nicely, which is an attractive concept if they are looking to store wine over multiple years.

It will protect your wine from being damaged by the sunlight or even the temperature of the room you’ve previously stored it in. Whether you’re looking for a dual-zone or multi-zone wine cooler, they can provide you with a great amount of space for your wine collection.

Another feature of a quality wine cooler is that they have UV-protected LED lights. This essentially stops the lights from affecting your wine. If your wine is exposed to too much sunlight, this can cause the taste and smell of the wine to deteriorate. If you’re looking for a wine cooler that has all these features, click here to see our collection of luxury built-in wine coolers!

Personalised Wine Glass

Instead of buying your Mum one of the many cookbooks they have – something a bit more unique and individualised would be highly recommended. A personalised wine glass will not only be a souvenir of the household – but it will give them the chance to try, test and put some of their favourite wines into the special glass to drink when they feel like a sip of vino.

Whether you want to write a special message to them or keep it short and sweet, a personalised wine glass comes at a great price – but also a great show of thoughtfulness. The price of personalised wine glasses is usually between £8-£25. This depends on the quality of the wine glass – some of them have engraved crystals, whereas others are just plain and simple.

Wine Wipes

When drinking wine is very pleasant for those who like it. However, it can stain your lips and teeth and can make you feel guilty for drinking it – as you know what effects it has on you. This is where wine wipes can save the day. They were formulated to remove stains from either your teeth or your mouth, whilst not affecting your palate when drinking your goods.

We recommend applying the wipes after you’ve finished your drinking session – if applied before drinking it can affect and alter your taste of the wine. These useful items contain sodium bicarbonate and hydrogen peroxide which are two powerful ingredients found in toothpaste – explaining why it has such a positive outcome in removing stains.

The wine wipes are super affordable and available on many different e-commerce websites, priced at around £5 per 1 compact. Sipping your wine can now continue without you worrying about the aftermath!

What Will You Choose?

You now have a choice of what you believe Mum would want and appreciate the most. A collection of the best gifts in your hands will give you the recipes for success this Mother’s Day. Click here to see our collection of wine coolers!