Can You Get a Single Bottle Wine Fridge?

There are many different types of wine fridges out there. Large models with endless amounts of storage and then smaller models for your less frequent wine-drinking sessions.

Well, if there’s more space in a larger collection – then it must be worth getting the bigger one for more room, right? This is not always the case, but why?

We have plenty more information on the choices you can make to make sure your residence gets the right wine cooler. Read along with us to learn more about wine coolers/ fridges and all the different variants of collections.

What is a Wine Fridge/ Cooler?

Every day more wine drinkers are looking for new options to store their drink collection. A wine cooler is one of them. A wine fridge not only keeps your wine cool and fresh – it considers the wine’s storage and everything you need that goes with it. For example, a wine cooler will have UV-protected LED lights so the wine doesn’t go off.

Wine has many downsides to it that if certain scenarios occur, then it can completely ruin the taste, smell and overall experience of your wine. This is why wine fridges are becoming so popular with the wine community – as they negate all of the natural downfalls of not storing it correctly.

Wine has a certain temperature range it needs to be at – so it can blossom and age well. The optimal temperature for your wine needs to be around 11°C and 14°C. Without a wine cooler here, it is almost impossible to keep it somewhere where these temperatures are constant. However, with a wine chiller, the settings can be set to these temperatures – keeping the wine at its prime.

If the temperature is too cold, it causes the wine to expand. This means that the heavy amount of pressure put on the bottle and the cork may crack the wine bottle or pop the cork. On the other hand, if the temperature is too hot – it can permanently affect the flavour of the wine.

Most present-day wine chillers take all of these factors into their building process. Not only is the temperature regulated properly, but the humidity is also taken into account. Even if the temperature is at a semi-optimal state – if the humidity is at an incorrect level, the bacteria will thrive. Moisture levels being too high can cause the cork to humidify – allowing oxygen to enter the bottle and affect the hygiene of your products.

Different Types of Wine Coolers

Before looking on the market for your first wine bottle insulator, or an upgrade for your residence – it is important to take into consideration the amount of wine you will need to put in.

There are three main designs of wine coolers that are all available in small, medium or large sizes:

Freestanding Model

freestanding wine cooler is very flexible as it can be placed anywhere in your household – meaning you can put it in a room that sees less sunlight and humidity. These wine coolers have built-in features such as temperature regulation, humidity control and internal shelves.

They also have glass doors – meaning that if the sunlight gets through there, with some models it can affect your wine. However, some luxurious freestanding models have UV-protected glass doors, which can ultimately stop the sun’s rays from entering the door.

Generally, a freestanding model can fit anywhere from one hundred and fifty to two hundred bottles. Despite that, some can be even bigger and some small models too. Whatever suits your collection of wine the most will be available in some shape or form.

Built-in Model

This design is a lot more limited than your typical freestanding model as it has to be put somewhere and can’t be moved. Although still has the same features as a freestanding model – it lacks mobility.

Even though it can’t be moved, there is just something super luxurious and polished about having a built-in wine cooler. Being able to customise your built-in wine freezer with sound effects, motion lights and rolling tracks – gives you a chance to make a great impression on anyone who comes to your home.

The versatility of a built-in wine cooler is that you can store other foods and beverages in there too. The temperature is just right for cooling your wine – but also cooling any food or drink you think needs to be kept cool. For example, if you want cold chocolate, rapid – a built-in wine cooler can save your normal fridge some space.

Fully Integrated Model

fully integrated wine cooler is usually installed into a cabinet space in a household where there is enough room. You can also find wine fridges that are built-to-size, meaning that they are designed to fit into your kitchen space.

This is to appear as if it’s floating – giving it an expensive look. The goal is to give your kitchen a sleek manner – whilst also putting it somewhere where sunlight and humidity can’t affect your ice, cold wine.

Once again, this model can come in a small, medium or large sizing like the rest of the models. It all depends on the amount of cabinet space you have in your kitchen for your new fully integrated wine cooler.

The price of your wine cooler will vary based on its size. If it’s bigger it will be more expensive – but if it’s smaller, for more people it’s going to be more affordable.

Can You Get a Single Bottle Wine Fridge?

You can find quality wine fridges that can store as little as one bottle and as many as over a hundred. Although single-bottle wine fridges are less common, you can still find quality ones.

Typically, you can find a single-bottle wine fridge in more commercial settings. They are a great way to display your favourite or your most expensive bottle of wine. You can also age a single bottle of wine in a single-bottle wine fridge, as despite its small size, it will still store your wine in optimal storage conditions. Single-bottle wine coolers keep your bottle as close as possible to the chilling system, meaning that it will chill quickly.

Some people may believe that single-bottle wine fridges are pointless, but you may have a use for them. You may want to display your prized bottle of wine as the pride of place in your kitchen, or you may want to just store a single bottle of wine.

If you’re unsure whether a single-bottle wine fridge is a right choice for you, check out our post on how to decide what wine cooler is for you.

If you’re a wine drinker who doesn’t drink as often – this could be the perfect gift for you. If you want to check out any other wine coolers, click here to check out our quality collection of wine coolers.