Can You Store Champagne Bottles in a Wine Fridge?

Can you store Champagne in a wine fridge? Unlike wine, Champagne is in its own special category and has its own storage requirements. We bring you this post today to discuss and explain if you can store Champagne bottles in a wine fridge.

Champagne, like different types of wine, has its own optimum storage temperatures. Getting this right could be crucial to the quality of your Champagne. Read on if you would like to know more about where it is best to store Champagne and tips on how to store it correctly.

Get to Know Champagne

Champagne is a sparkling wine that originates and is produced in the Champagne wine region in France.

The rules for Champagne involve specific vineyard practices, and it requires sourcing the finest grapes exclusively from this area. It is the specific grape-pressing methods along with the secondary fermentation of the wine in the bottle that causes it to carbonate.

Champagne can only be made using Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes. It is not the same as sparkling wine as Champagne has to be made using these grapes only. You should only think of it as a geographical identity. All Champagne is sparkling wine, however, not all sparkling wine can be Champagne.

The Champagne-making process involves a double fermentation of the grapes, whilst regular wine is made just from one singular fermentation.

Where Can I Store My Champagne?

Here, we give you the top tips on how to store champagne correctly in different areas and depending on how long you intend on storing your champagne.

Wine Fridge

A wine fridge is always a good option when it comes to storing any type of wine, Champagne included. This is due to the control you have over the conditions inside the wine fridge, including temperature, humidity and other settings.

Wine fridges are a great storage solution for wine – but does a bottle of Champagne fit in a wine fridge? Well, you’ll have to check the requirements, as many wine fridges are designed to accommodate your standard Bordeaux bottles, and Champagne bottles are typically a little larger.

If you’re unsure, opt for a wine fridge with adjustable shelving or display shelves. Having a dedicated wine refrigerator is a fantastic way to store your Champagne bottles as well as other types of wine too.

If you are a fan of different types of wines, then do not worry, as different wines have different ideal storage temperatures, you can buy a dual-zone or multi-zone temperature wine fridge to cater for the different wines you have in your collection. This ensures that all wine types are kept safe and you do not have to worry about any of them spoiling.

To cater for your needs and your home, there are so many different types of wine coolers available. Whether you want an integrated system or a freestanding wine fridge model, there are so many wine fridge options out there depending on where the most ideal location for your wine fridge in your home.

Wine Cellar

If you have a cellar attached to your property, utilise it! You can store your Champagne collection for the entirety of its life in your cellar, under the right conditions of course.

A cellar is a perfect place for Champagne as well as other types of wine too until the day comes when you are ready to pop open a bottle and serve.

Cellar condition must be at humidity levels of around 70-85%, the ideal temperature for champagne. This ensures that the corks do not dry out. Champagne’s temperature must stay consistently between 10-12°C, then when it comes to serving, you can chill your Champagne at 8-10°C for the optimum serving temperature.

Champagne must not be exposed to light and must be undisturbed by vibrations and movement. These things can cause a chemical reaction in wine and can affect its quality and therefore taste.

Dark Room

If you do not own a wine cellar and have not yet invested in a wine fridge then the next best thing is to choose a dark place to store your Champagne, somewhere like a dark cupboard. Under the stairs or a dark garage or shed can work.

As long as the place is undisturbed by things such as light, and movement and safe from rising and falling temperatures and humidity levels, then your Champagne should be safe.

Worried about the safety of your precious bottles? Help them out by covering them with black-out fabric such as a towel, to create that dark location of your own.

Places to Avoid Storing Champagne

It is important to take note of where not to store your Champagne bottles, such as in your standard household refrigerator. The conditions in your kitchen fridge are considered too dry for Champagne and it can cause the drink to spoil.

Temperatures too cold can dry out the cork and therefore let oxygen inside the bottle, an absolute no-no for unopened bottles of wine of any sort. Not to mention the frequent movement from the fridge opening and closing, causing temperature fluctuations as well as the light flicking on and off – all these factors go against the ideal storage conditions for Champagne.

The only exception to how you store Champagne in the standard household fridge would be if it were only being kept in there for a very short amount of time – if you intend on chilling it briefly before serving. Continue to store your Champagne horizontally on your shelves when doing this, even for a short period to not disturb the bubbles.


To conclude, you want to avoid keeping Champagne in the fridge unless it is a dedicated wine fridge. For long-term storage, as long as you keep your Champagne collection in a cool, dark and undisturbed place until you are ready to serve, you should be good. Remember the crucial temperature and humidity levels are key to the storage of all wine including Champagne.

Follow our guide and tips above on places to store your Champagne and you cannot go wrong. Check out our vast collection of wine coolers and cabinets on our website for a large diversity of brands. At Enofaber we are sure we stock and can help you find the perfect wine storage solution for your requirements and your home.