Champagne Bottle Sizes Explained

Champagne is a distinguished and protected wine, both internationally recognised and deeply established in centuries-old traditions, making it a rare and valuable commodity. Unlike other types of champagne, each brand is made from a unique combination of ingredients and has a distinct flavour and style. It is a sign of elegance and refinement, and it is a good choice for important events and festivities.

It was formerly regarded as ‘the devil’s wine’ because the pressure within the bottles was so intense that many bottles exploded, and corks popped. Champagne bottles are now constructed to resist 10 atmospheres of pressure, despite the wine alone producing only 5-6 atmospheres of pressure. Champagne has a pressure almost three times larger than a vehicle tire. At Enofaber, we can find the best storage solution regardless of your bottle size. To learn more about how to display your Champagne in a wine cabinet check out our blog post on that here, do be sure to position your wine cabinet in the correct place for optimum storage.

Champagne Bottle Sizes Introduced

Champagne bottles come in various shapes, sizes, and various names and histories. When it comes to the French sparkling drink Champagne, you’ve probably heard of the many different Champagne Bottle Sizes, some of which have outlandish names.

Champagne is a cherished present you can give to your loved ones; you can also pack it in a wooden gift box to give it a more aesthetic appeal. While gifting your loved ones on their birthdays, you can add a bottle of champagne to your basket. Or you can even get champagne gift sets or hampers that are personalised to the person you want to present the gift to. Champagne is also polite in a corporate meeting.

Champagne bottles come in various sizes, according to various sources. Some wine champagne bottle sizes are named after biblical kings or characters. The standard (750 ml) and magnum (1.5 l) sizes of Champagne bottles are the most popular. Bottles of Champagne come in various sizes, including at least 15.

Champagne Bottle Sizes Classifications

Champagne is available in various packaging sizes, ranging from small to huge bottles. The smaller bottle sizes are ideal if you want to have one or two Champagne glasses during dinner. For special events like weddings and engagements, bigger sizes are ideal. Read through to know more about the different champagne bottle sizes.


The Piccolo Champagne bottle is the smallest of the Champagne bottle sizes. A tulip-sized glass of Champagne has 187.5 mL. Therefore this is the equivalent of one glass. The little Champagne bottle is said to have originated in Italy, where the word ‘piccolo’ means small. This is referred to as the mini bottle in some areas.


As you can imagine from the name, the demi-glace is just half the size of a typical Champagne bottle. This bottle of Champagne has a capacity of 375 mL, which is enough to fill two tulip-sized glasses. This is frequently referred to as a half Champagne bottle in the industry.

Pint (Winston Churchill)

One of Champagne’s most unusual bottle sizes is the pint-sized bottle, containing around 570 mL of liquid and is not often available for purchase. Pol Roger designed this standard Champagne half bottle just for Winston Churchill, and a bottle of the bubbly was brought to the iconic leader every morning!

Standard Bottle

The typical bottle of Champagne is 750 mL in size, and this is the size that you’ll find at every Champagne manufacturer. A bottle of wine is typically 750 mL in volume, which is also the usual size, the equivalent of four tulip-sized glasses of Champagne (or six small glasses).


The magnum Champagne bottle is undoubtedly the most well-known of all the non-standard bottle sizes available in champagne. It holds 1.5 litres, equivalent to two regular bottles. This is often the most readily available bigger size Champagne bottle. Many Champagne makers believe that a magnum is an excellent size for ageing champagne. Magnum is the Latin word meaning ‘great,’ referring to a person of considerable stature.

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