DIY Wine Cabinet Ideas

Do you own a wine cabinet or wine cooler to hold your wine bottle collection in your home? Perhaps you don’t but would like somewhere to store your wine bottles in the meantime before you decide to invest.

We bring you this blog post today if you would like to know more about how to create your very own DIY wine cabinet or wine rack.

We will explain some great ways you can create your own wine cabinet to help you store your wine bottles safely. This will help your wine keep well until you are ready to serve, providing it is in the right location and with the right temperature and humidity levels. Read on to learn some great DIY methods for creating your own wine cabinet.

What Is a Wine Cabinet?

Wine cabinets are a great way of storing your wine, especially for the long term. They help to provide the perfect conditions which ensure your wine collection is stored safely and ages well.

A wine cabinet is a unit that has been designed to mimic the features of a wine cellar. A wine cabinet helps to keep your wine bottles at a steady temperature while maintaining the right humidity levels and temperature for the storage of wine long-term.

Wine cabinets have all the features that are convenient for long-term storage, for example, many units have black-out doors, multi-temperature zones and anti-vibration systems. This ensures the safety of your wine bottles and allows them not to be disturbed.

However, when we’re talking about DIY home cabinets, we’re not talking about the expensive wine cabinet options available on the market. We’re talking about simple, non-electronic cabinets that can hold your wine collection.

The Difference Between a Wine Cooler and a Wine Cabinet

Wine coolers are good and work well for chilling wines for shorter periods and for wines that you intend on serving in the near future. Refrigerated wine cabinets help to maintain balanced conditions for long-term wine storage and ageing – hence mimicking the environment of a wine cellar.

Make Your Own Wine Cabinet or Wine Rack

A wine rack can also be used to store wine, great for storing wine bottles horizontally as they should be. Making your own wine rack or cabinet is a great way to take wine storage into your own hands, whilst getting creative with a spot of DIY. Keep reading to get some DIY inspiration and ideas for creating your own wine storage solution.

Convert a Wooden Crate

Find a wooden box or crate, this is a really inexpensive way to create a mini wine cabinet. Add wooden ‘X’ or ‘Y’ shapes to the inside of the box. This will form the shelves for your wine bottles to sit on horizontally.

Next, get creative with some wood paint or wood stain and personalise your new crate cabinet. You can spruce up your crate any way you like and can match it to your existing interior.

Create a Rack

A wooden board can be fixed with metal rods screwed into the wood for your wine bottles to rest on. Lean your board against a wall for a modern look.

This rack is easy to make and you can also create more of a rustic look if you wish by painting the metal a different colour such as black or bronze. You can age the wood with stain or paint it to suit your tastes too.

Nautical-Inspired Wine Rack

You can make your wine rack nautical-themed by adding rope. Make sure you use a thick enough rope to hold wine bottles in place and glue them in place with a hot glue gun. The thickness of the rope is important so it can hold the wine bottles safely and securely.

Build a Wine Cabinet

If you enjoy woodwork and are clever at creating things made of wood. Why not have a go at making your own wine rack cabinet? You can then choose the layout of your wine and exactly how your wine will be stored.

Defy Gravity Wine Holder

Recreate a modern wine rack feature that looks as if it defies gravity. Cut the angles correctly so your wine should hold correctly otherwise they may not be secure.

Revamp Old Furniture

You can upcycle an old and existing piece of furniture that you already own. You can remove existing draws in a unit, for example, and then add wooden cubby holes for your wine to sit in. This is a great way to reuse furniture, give it a new lease of life and a new purpose and a great way to be sustainable!

Things to Remember

Now that you decided which wine cabinet you are going to have a go at creating for yourself for your family home. It is important to remember the placement of your wine cabinet, once it is finished and ready for use. The environment your new wine cabinet or wine rack is placed in has to be taken into consideration.

Somewhere with the correct temperature and humidity levels will be best. This is important for the storage of wine and how its quality will be affected. Avoid places with too much light, out of the way of UV sunlight rays and away from radiators and other heat outlets.

The location of your cabinet should be placed well away from movement or vibrations from kitchen appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers and dryers to name a few examples.

An environment that is not ideal can impact the quality of your wine and affect its taste. Heavy movement along with the wrong light, temperature and humidity levels can all negatively affect your wine if these conditions are not ideal. A chemical reaction can happen to the liquid and therefore affect its taste – which is something you obviously will want to avoid.

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