How To Hide A Wine Fridge

Most wine coolers are freestanding and cannot be installed in enclosed spaces because of the risk of poor ventilation. If you are planning to hide your wine, perhaps for lack of space or just to spruce up the décor, why not consider a built-in wine fridge?

They, unlike freestanding wine coolers, are wine coolers integrated into enclosed spaces such as your cabinets or cupboard – and can be perfectly hidden in enclosed spaces for a seamless look.

So, how to choose a built-in wine fridge? There are many criteria to consider when choosing the right built-in wine cooler. This article will analyse the offer together and give you a buying guide for the best built-in coolers, and let you know how you can hide a wine fridge in your kitchen.

Who Are Built-in Wine Fridges For?

The built-in cooler was created to save space in your home. It can be placed under a worktop, in a piece of furniture, in your living room, and even in a column.

Built-in wine fridges are intended for people with an equipped kitchen. The dimensions of the built-in wine cooler are generally between 30 and 60 cm wide, but of course, can vary – and can even be specially built to fit into any space.

If you’re thinking of accommodating more than 20 bottles at a time, a large-sized freestanding wine cooler would be more useful to you in this case. It is uncommon for these integrated wine coolers to be designed for ageing wine. Their characteristics allow them exclusively to keep the beverage at the most adequate temperature and humidity.

Criteria For Choosing The Right Built-In Wine Cooler

First of all, it is better to know the different parameters well before buying your built-in cooler. It is particularly necessary to check the functions that the cooler has and which will allow you to make the best use of your cooler. The essential features of a built-in wine cooler include the following:

Energy Consumption

Indeed, as the coolers are smaller there is a significant economic side in terms of energy consumption. Thanks to this, your electricity bills may be a little lower.

The Storage Capacity and the Dimensions of the Fridge

Storage is very important. You have to look carefully at the maximum capacity of bottles that the cooler can hold.

It is also important that the dimensions you take are respected because if you judge by the volume of the bottles and not the dimensions, there is a good chance that the cooler will not fit into the space provided.

Temperature, Humidity, and Noise

A wine cooler is different from a beverage cooler or ice maker. It is important to make sure your cooler is not too noisy – many wine fridges have a sound level of around 40dB, but you can find quieter models here at Enofaber.

One of the fundamental criteria is the temperature interval and the hygrometry system is the fundamental criterion. Without them, the wine cannot be stored properly.

Where to Place Your Built-in Wine Cooler?

Knowing where you should place your wine cooler is essential before installing a storage space for your wine bottles. The choice of location is crucial.

Above all, you will need to ensure that the installation is well away from any device that produces vibrations – for example, washing machines or dishwashers.

Remember also that it is a fixed accessory and not a wine cooler freestanding. The location is therefore final, which means that you have to think carefully before making the decision.

The Design

Finally, the last criterion is the aesthetics of your fridge. As the idea of ​​a built-in wine cooler is that it is supposed to blend into my decor, it is important to choose its design and aesthetics carefully so that it is neither too imposing nor too different from other things.

Benefits of A Built-In Wine Fridge

Built-in wine fridges can vary in size – many being small and compact. By choosing to buy this equipment, you will be surprised by its practicality and elegance. Built-in fridges bring multiple benefits – they’re pretty easy to install, they’re ideal for confined spaces, they look great, and of course, they can be hidden well in any kitchen.

Easy to Install

Sometimes installing a new wine cabinet can feel like a huge job. Fortunately, this is not the case with the built-in wine cooler.

It is relatively easy to find a place for it and install it, even if it is part of an interior renovation. Moreover, if you have a cooler, you can arrange the equipment that will allow you to store up to 100 different bottles. And with this cabinet, your wine will always be easily accessible.

Perfect for Confined Spaces

As you know, the small size of the built-in wine cooler allows it to fit in the tightest places. Thanks to it, you no longer need to have a special room or a large refrigerator to be able to store your bottles.

In addition, you are not limited to such a model or a specific number of bottles. You have the opportunity to choose according to specific criteria and find a cabinet that meets your needs.


Worrying about the aesthetic side of your new wine cooler is normal. After all, it will be an integral part of the decor. If it’s unrefined or doesn’t match the rest of the room, that’s going to be a problem!

Don’t panic, the built-in wine cooler is designed to fit in with your entire interior. This, whether you have decided to place it in the kitchen or the dining room can even help you spruce up and make your room look a bit more modern.


Above all else, what is most essential in your choice of a built-in wine cooler? If you need a perfect built-in wine refrigerator that you can use to hide away your wine, then check out our collection of the best wine fridges.