What Is The Full Height Of a Wine Fridge

The height of a wine fridge varies depending on size. Ultimately, the height of a wine fridge is determined by the size of your collection.

If you only have a small wine collection or only find yourself drinking on occasion, then a smaller fridge will be the best option to go for.

If you’re an avid wine drinker and constantly find yourself in need of more storage, then choosing a fridge with an adequate amount of space inside is key – this means looking for a fridge with good height and width.

It isn’t just size that plays the most important role when buying a wine fridge, always be sure to check additional features and match your fridge of choice to your style and budget too.

Read on to find out what we recommend considering before purchasing a wine fridge.

What Size Wine Fridge Should I Buy?

The size of your wine fridge comes down to how many bottles you’re accommodating and whether or not you’re wanting to grow your collection. If you aspire to own a larger collection of wine, then it could be worth buying a medium to large-size fridge.

Always check the dimensions of your surrounding area and kitchen space before purchasing a wine fridge, especially if you’re buying one that will be built-in.

Although having a wine fridge can add a sleek and stylish feel to both your home and commercial space, having one too big could end up creating an overpowering atmosphere.

The journey of finding the perfect wine fridge can be hard, especially because there are so many on the market. We recommend basing your options around your interior and narrowing down your choices to whichever suits your decor best.

Features to Consider

In addition to finding the perfectly sized wine fridge, there are other features to consider when browsing wine fridges. Finding the right fridge for your collection is important – checking the features of each product is a vital part of the buying process.


If your wine collection contains more than one variety of wines, then we recommend looking out for multiple temperature zone features.

Having a range of temperatures comes in handy and means you aren’t restricted to having a wine fridge that only accommodates one type of wine.

Temperature control is an important feature to have when storing wine. Most wines are served best when they’ve been chilled to a certain temperate – meaning drastic temperature changes can ruin the taste and cause the wine to age prematurely.


Racks and shelving are important features of a wine fridge – they’re what’s going to be holding your collection in place after all.

Although racks are sturdy and stable, sliding shelves have proven more popular amongst fridge buyers. The convenience of easily sliding out a shelf and being able to see your collection clearly makes choosing which bottle to open more exciting.

The process of having a glass of wine or sharing a bottle with friends starts at your wine fridge, which is why choosing the best rack or shelving feature is necessary, allowing you to organise your collection to satisfaction.


Having a lighting feature built-in to your wine fridge helps create an ambience and adds depth to your space.

Not only does having great lighting provide additional visibility, but it also helps add to the already sleek appearance that wine fridges portray.

Lighting features look best inside integrated wine fridges, due to their smaller size and dimension. Adding light to an area helps open up the surrounding space, effectively giving off a larger more spacious appearance.

A key feature we like to include amongst our products and collections is LED lighting fixtures within our wine fridges. This is because we know how much the appearance of your wine fridge matters.

Freestanding vs Built-In: Which is Better?

Freestanding and built-in wine fridges are both great regardless of which one you decide to go for. If you want some more information to help you decide on which one to purchase, we’ve put together a list of benefits.


More commonly kept in larger spaces such as kitchens and garages, freestanding wine coolers stand-alone compared to other units and appliances.

You’ll most likely find larger, freestanding wine fridges in restaurants and bars, as these are the type of places that need more storage space.

The great thing about freestanding wine fridges is the multiple positioning opportunities due to their nature of being completely free reign.

The most common design of freestanding wine fridges is a glass door styled with internal sliding shelving. Most freestanding wine fridges are on the larger side, meaning they have a good height.

One of the most defining features that come with freestanding wine fridges is the amount of space it has to offer. Because they’re usually made bigger than integrated fridges, they have the potential to offer additional room for other beverages that require fridge temperature.


built-in wine cooler, like an integrated fridge, is a fridge model that can be discretely built into existing cabinets.

Although you come in a variety of sizes, the most popular built-in wine fridges measure the same size as a standard kitchen cabinet and are able to accommodate small to medium-sized wine collections.

Choosing the right design is key when buying an integrated wine fridge, as it should just blend in to match neighbouring cabinets.

With key features and a sleek appearance, our range of both freestanding and built-in wine fridges is perfectly suited to all our customer’s needs.

Wine Fridges At Enofaber

Our vast selection of wine fridges comes in all shapes and sizes, ready to fit all collections.

Whether you’re an avid wine drinker and need a large storage space to chill your wine or you drink on occasion, but still want to integrate a small fridge into your space, Enofaber is sure to have the right fridge for you.

We stock a variety of branded wine fridges including ClimadiffArtevino and Avintage – all top-quality designs made with reliable materials.

We’ve made finding the perfect wine fridge as easy as possible, listing bottle capacity and dimensions clearly throughout our product list.

Our wine fridges are made to impress and come with an array of additional features.