Artevino by Eurocave Wine Coolers

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ArteVino is a French brand founded in 1996, as part of the larger Eurocave brand. Eurocave manufacture and distribute a variety of wine storage solutions, from wine cabinets to cellar conditioners and storage systems.

It has quickly become a leading brand in the wine storage industry, specialising in larger models for ageing wine. ArteVino cabinets are designed and manufactured in France - by wine lovers, for wine lovers. 

They have three ranges - Oxygen, Cosy, and Wineart. At Enofaber, we have many ArteVino Oxygen wine cabinets available. These wine cabinets vary in size and are suitable for medium to large wine collections. The largest wine cooler in this collection can accommodate up to 230 standard Bordeaux wine bottles. 

All ArteVino products are conveniently quiet and feature a modern design. This means they’re sure to fit into any environment, whether it be your kitchen, living room, or dining room. 

You can find ArteVino wine cabinets with a single temperature zone, with dual temperature zones, or multiple temperature zones. If you have a varied collection, you’re sure to benefit from an ArteVino cabinet with dual or multiple temperature zones. 

ArteVino by Eurocave wine cabinets can either feature a solid door or a glass door. The glass is always UV-treated to ensure your wine is protected from damaging UV rays.

Some extra features that make ArteVino wine cabinets special include acoustic door alarms and temperature alarms that alert you if you leave the door open or if the internal temperature isn’t in your desired range.

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