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ArteVino wine coolers and wine cabinets are storage systems to hold bottle collections in. Founded in 1996, ArteVino is a french brand that is part of Eurocave and has quickly become the leading brand within the wine cooling industry. Specialising in larger models, ArteVino is able to accommodate big wine bottle collections.

Whether you need an ArteVino wine cooler for your home or commercial space, we have a range of designs to suit everyone's needs. ArteVino's wide selection of products has been designed with style and luxury in mind, meaning their collection suits many interiors.

With excellent bottle capacity and multiple temperature zones to choose from, what's not to love about ArteVino? If you’re interested in purchasing a high-end wine cooler from ArteVino, be sure to read on to find out more information about their designs and how your wine collections could benefit from them.

How are ArteVino Wine Coolers Beneficial?

No matter the size of your wine collection, it’s crucial to have them stored at the right temperature. Compared to regular, household fridges, ArteVino models have a purpose which is to keep the temperature of your wine at the right temperature.

When you choose to store your wine at an efficient temperature, the difference in flavour will be incredible. Chilling your wine in a maintained temperature zone allows strong flavours, delicate notes and aromas to thrive - something that doesn’t happen when you use regular fridges.

ArteVino wine coolers are beneficial for a number of reasons, but their ability to provide excellent temperature and humidity control is top of the list.

With three ranges available as part of the collection including Oxygen, Cosy and Wineart, ArteVino also has a selection of oxygen wine cabinets available too.

How Do ArteVino Wine Coolers Work?

With the help of technology, ArteVino is able to design and manufacture wine coolers and cabinets with the best standard in mind. ArteVino products are able to run consistently to help maintain a specific temperature to keep your wine chilled.

Our range of ArteVino models is made with top-of-the-range parts and materials, meaning they're long-lasting, energy-efficient and durable. You can rest assured that our excellent manufacturing process will enable you to sit back and relax with the added security that your wine will be chilled perfectly.

Buying a wine cooler can be difficult, especially if it’s your first purchase. At Enofaber, we only stock the best brands for our loyal customers - this is why we’ve obtained many happy customers along the way.

Having been in the industry for a number of years, ArteVino has the experience and knowledge to provide the best designs, meaning they’ve made their models work even better in recent years.

Key Features of ArteVino Coolers

With an extensive list of key features, it’s hard to narrow them down. ArteVino wants its customers to have the best experience possible when it comes to using its products to store its wine collections. Although other top-end wine cooler brands offer both vibrational and non-vibrational models, ArteVino knows how convenient it is to have a model that makes no noise.

With quiet features, ArteVino models don’t produce any sound whatsoever, something that many homeowners will take advantage of. ArteVinos modern designs come with single temperature zones, dual temperature zones or multiple temperature zones, making it easier than ever to store your wine.

Whether it's red, white, rosé, prosecco or Champagne that you have within your collection, ArteVino can accommodate them all. With a range of useful features, ArteVino products can house varied collections of different wines.

ArteVino wine cabinets have a solid or glass door and are created with sleek black material. Other main features that come with ArteVino products are winter functions (perfect for garage placement), wooden shelving units, compartments and acoustic alarms. To discover more key features of our ArteVino range, view our product details today.

Where to Place Your ArteVino Wine Cooler

Whether it’s built-in or freestanding models that you’re after, ArteVino supplies both. We understand how different spaces require different styles of wine cooler designs to help optimise the area as much as possible.

Where you decide to place your ArteVino wine cooler or wine cabinet is entirely up to you. Both our built-in and freestanding designs look great in an array of places around your home or commercial space, such as restaurants and bars.

If you tend to switch up your interior designs frequently and move things around, then we recommend taking a look at our freestanding designs. Freestanding designs allow you to get creative with positioning and allow you to move your wine cooler around to wherever you prefer.

Although freestanding models are one of our most popular designs, people often like the look of having an integrated wine cooler or cabinet under their kitchen counter. Built-in models act as an extension to your kitchen, providing a designated area for you to keep your alcoholic goods safe.

ArteVino products store your wine perfectly, allowing them to age and chill accordingly. The whole of the ArteVino range offers customers a modern way to store their wine collections, allowing them to protect their bottles in the easiest way possible.

Serving wine at the right temperature is incredibly important - the wine experts at Enofaber can vouch for that.

Having stocked and sold multiple wine coolers and cabinets to customers for some time, Enofaber only provides its audience with the best designs.

ArteVino is well-known and reliable when it comes to designing wine coolers and cabinets, allowing customers to have the full wine storage experience with each purchase.

With quick view features available, it’s never been easier to scan and browse across our wide range of storage products. If you require any additional information about any ArteVino products, feel free to contact a member of our team today.

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