The 5 Best ArteVino Wine Coolers in 2023

If you are someone who is an avid wine collector or a complete novice when it comes to wine collecting but is looking to get started in the big wine of the world. One appliance that is ideal for wine collecting is investing in a high-quality wine cooler that you can proudly show off in your home. One of the top-rated manufacturers of wine coolers is ArteVino, with a wide range of wine coolers available to purchase from them, it can be difficult choice to decide which one is best for you.

ArteVino wine coolers and wine cabinets are storage systems to hold bottle collections in. Founded in 1996, ArteVino is a French brand that is part of Eurocave and has quickly become the leading brand within the wine cooling industry. Specialising in larger models, ArteVino is able to accommodate big wine bottle collections.  Whether you need an ArteVino wine cooler for your home or commercial space.

ArteVino’s wide selection of products has been designed with style and luxury in mind, meaning their collection suits many interiors.  With excellent bottle capacity and multiple temperature zones to choose from, what’s not to love about ArteVino? If you’re interested in purchasing a high-end wine cooler from ArteVino, be sure to read on to find out more information about their designs and how your wine collections could benefit from them.

When browsing through ArteVino wine coolers, you may find that they are not all built the same and different wine coolers will come with different types of features. We’ve put together this article today to help you understand more about ArteVino wine coolers and we’ve been lucky enough to test and try these ArteVino wine coolers.

We hope our top 5 list can help you decide on the perfect ArteVino wine cooler for your home!

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What To Consider When Purchasing An ArteVino Wine Cooler

Before you purchase any ArteVino wine cooler, it’s important that you weigh up a few factors. This can range from the price of the model all the way to its aesthetics of it. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind.


A big factor in which ArteVino wine cooler you’ll choose for your home will be the price. Unfortunately, not many people have an infinite budget that they can spend on a wine cooler and will have to stay within a certain budget range. That doesn’t mean you can’t find the ideal ArteVino wine cooler! You can find models ranging from $1,000 to $3,000.

The price of the wine cooler will largely depend on a few things such as extra features, size, capacity and more. Wine connoisseurs who have big collections will want to go for a wine cooler that allows them to have a lot of space to store their wine bottles. 


You’ll need to consider the available space in your home where you plan to install the wine cooler. Make sure the dimensions of the cooler fit the space you have in mind, and that there is enough clearance around the cooler for proper ventilation. The size of the cooler will determine how many bottles it can hold. If you have a large wine collection, you’ll need a cooler with a larger capacity to accommodate all your bottles.

Smaller ArteVino wine coolers are able to be installed on countertops whereas if you are looking for a larger wine cooler, you may find they are larger than your home refrigerator. Usually, when you are deciding to purchase a wine cooler, many people go with the term ‘bigger is better’ which normally rings true if you are someone with a larger wine collection as you’ll need more size to store your collection but there is a wide collection of ArteVino wine coolers and most likely you’ll be able to find one that suits your size dimensions.


The next feature that you’ll need to consider when purchasing a wine cooler is the capacity it holds. Size does play a role in how much capacity your wine cooler is able to hold but some models while small in size are able to hold lots of bottles of wine. Smaller wine coolers can hold from 12 bottles up whereas your bigger wine coolers can hold up to 150+ bottles in storage. 

The bottle capacity will all depend on the individual as it’s for your collection. If you’re a wine connoisseur with all different types of bottles of wine to store, you’ll need to find a wine cooler that is able to hold these bottles but at the correct temperature.


This is where the next thing you need to consider is the features that come with your wine cooler when browsing wine coolers, you’ll find that all models are not the same and different wine coolers come with different features that set them apart from other models and will most likely be more expensive than more basic wine coolers.

A popular feature that many ArteVino wine coolers possess is dual-temperature zones meaning you can store various bottles of wine such as red and white. Different colours of wine will require a different temperature setting for the ideal conditions for ageing and tasting.


A more personal factor to consider when purchasing an ArteVino wine cooler is the aesthetic you are looking for. There are a wide variety of wine coolers available that come in different colours and different styles. It’s important to choose a wine cooler that fits the aesthetic you are going for. 

ArteVino wine coolers can come with a glass door or solid door, if you want to show off your collection then a glass door allows people to look at your wine collection without opening the wine cooler door.

The Top 5 ArteVino Wine Coolers On The Market Today

Our Pick
Artevino Oxygen by Eurocave - 199 Bottle Multi Zone Wine Cabinet

Artevino Oxygen's OXG3T199NPD is a premium wine cabinet, designed to store up to 199 bottles across multiple temperature zones. With its solid door design, this cabinet ensures optimal wine preservation while adding a touch of elegance to any room. Ideal for connoisseurs and wine enthusiasts seeking both function and style.

  • Dual zone wine cooler
  • Freestanding
  • Great for Ageing
  • Energy Efficiency: 'G'
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Number Two
Artevino Oxygen by Eurocave - 230 Bottle Single Zone Wine Cabinet

Introducing the Artevino Oxygen OXG1T230NVND – a sophisticated single-zone wine cabinet capable of housing up to 230 bottles. Its sleek glass door not only offers a window into your impressive wine collection but also ensures premium preservation. A must-have for any serious wine aficionado prioritizing aesthetics and optimal storage.

  • Single Zone
  • Energy Efficiency: 'G'
  • Temperature settings: 9-15°C
  • Dimensions: Height: 182.5cm, Width: 68cm, Depth: 72cm
  • Inverter compressor
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Number Three
Artevino Oxygen by Eurocave - 98 Bottle Maturing Wine Cabinet

Presenting the Artevino Oxygen OXP1T98NVND – a sleek maturing wine cabinet crafted for the discerning collector. With a capacity to store 98 bottles and a striking black finish, it seamlessly combines functionality with modern aesthetics. Elevate your wine storage game with this exquisite piece.

  • Energy Efficiency: 'G'
  • Manufactured in France
  • Temperature settings: 9-15°C
  • Dimensions: Height: 82cm, Width: 68cm, Depth: 72cm
  • 2 Universal shelves
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Number Four
Artevino Oxygen by Eurocave - 182 Bottle Single Zone Wine Cabinet

Discover the Artevino Oxygen – an elegant maturing wine cabinet, perfect for those who cherish their collection. With a generous capacity of 182 bottles and a refined glass door design, it perfectly balances form and function, ensuring your wines age gracefully while being showcased in style.

  • Energy Efficiency: 'G'
  • Temperature settings: 9-15°C
  • Dimensions: Height: 148cm, Width: 68cm, Depth: 72cm
  • Noise Level (dB): 37
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Number Five
Artevino Oxygen by Eurocave - 98 Bottle Single Zone Wine Cabinet

Unveiling the Artevino Oxygen by Eurocave – a premier wine storage solution designed for the true enthusiast. With a dedicated single-zone for optimal temperature consistency and a capacity to house 98 bottles, this cabinet epitomizes luxury and functionality in wine preservation.

  • Energy Efficiency: 'F'
  • Manufactured in France
  • Temperature settings: 9-15°C
  • Dimensions: Height: 82cm, Width: 68cm, Depth: 72cm
  • 2 Universal shelves
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Best ArteVino Wine Cooler Conclusion 

No matter the size of your wine collection, it’s crucial to have them stored at the right temperature. Compared to regular, household fridges, ArteVino models have a purpose which is to keep the temperature of your wine at the right temperature.  ArteVino is well-known and reliable when it comes to designing wine coolers and cabinets, allowing customers to have the full wine storage experience with each purchase.

When you choose to store your wine at an efficient temperature, the difference in flavour will be incredible. Chilling your wine in a maintained temperature zone allows strong flavours, delicate notes and aromas to thrive – something that doesn’t happen when you use regular fridges.  ArteVino wine coolers are beneficial for a number of reasons, but their ability to provide excellent temperature and humidity control is top of the list.

We hope this article gives you more information before you purchase one of ArteVino’s top wine coolers!