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Avintage design and manufacture ageing wine cabinets. Originating in France, Avintage uses the best materials and has the highest standard in mind at all times during the creative process of its products.

Their selection of wine coolers and storage cabinets have housed many collections and have excellent bottle capacities ranging anywhere between eight and 294 bottles.

It’s not just the excellent bottle capacity that sets Avintage apart from other brands; their sleek designs and unique features are a great advantage. If you’re interested in purchasing a high-quality service wine cooler or wine cabinet from Avintage, be sure to read on to find out more information about their products.

Benefits of Avintage Wine Coolers

Storing your wine at the right temperature is crucial. By storing your wine at the correct temperature, you’re allowing it to age accordingly and enhance in flavour. Similar to the traditional method of using a cellar to store your wine in, Avintage products benefit your alcoholic goods massively during the ageing process.

Offering a wide range of temperature zones such as single zone or dual temperature zones, Avintage has been sure to design its products to operate to the best ability for their loyal customers. A single-temperature zone wine cooler from Avintage is perfect to house the same variant of wine, but they do offer other ranges with a variety of zones.

Whether it’s red, white, Champagne or Rosé, wine has many qualities. Allowing the flavours and distinctive aromas to accentuate properly is vital during both the ageing and cooling process - this is why it’s important to invest in reliable cooler or cabinet solutions.

Available in a range of sizes, Avintage makes the perfect product for home and commercial spaces. With two main collections including the DVA and DVP lines, Avintage has made something for everyone, regardless of how many bottles they need to store.

How Do Avintage Wine Coolers Work?

Thanks to advanced technology, Avintage used modern manufacturing techniques to make sure their products are long-lasting, reliable and at the best standard possible.

With great technology from within, Avintage wine coolers and cabinets are able to house both small and large collections of wine at a sufficient temperature.

Humidity levels can easily be maintained in Avintage products, meaning you won’t have to worry about other aspects of the cooling process - we have that covered for you.

Made with durable materials and top-of-the-range cooling parts, there’s no surprise that Avintage models do so well in the wine cooler industry. Our extensive range of Avintage wine coolers and cabinets work to keep the temperature consistent to help aid the ageing process of your bottle collections.

Key Features of Avintage Coolers

Avintage products come with a variety of features. All Avintage wine coolers and cabinets are vibration free - not only does this help the ageing process, but it also prevents disturbing unwanted compounds at the bottom of the bottle.

Designed with vibration-reducing rubber mountings, Avintage models don’t produce much noise at all - this is great for those who want a quiet cooling solution.

Shelving units inside Avintage products are crafted with Sapele wood - a sturdy material that looks great from afar. UV-protected glass doors, control panels and electronic displays are a small selection of key features that come with most Avintage coolers.

Whether it’s a freestanding design or built-in, Avintage has a range to suit your needs. Our freestanding models offer creativity and free rein, allowing you to move your product wherever you like when you like. We suggest that those in a commercial environment take advantage of our freestanding designs.

Built-in designs can be placed under counter, perfect for those who want an integrated wine cooler in their kitchen space. Thanks to the sleek, stylish design of Avintage coolers, our products look great with all interiors.

Where to Place Your Avintage Wine Cooler

Like most wine coolers and cabinets that we stock at Enofaber, they can be placed where you want them to be. We encourage our customers to place their product wherever suits them best, whether that be in the kitchen, garage or even bedroom.

With both freestanding and built-in models available to buy across our site, it’s down to our customers to decide which design will fit best within their home and budget.

As mentioned, freestanding designs should be purchased if you’re prone to move things around or changing your home layout often.

Although both built-in and freestanding models can be used in homes and commercial spaces, we always recommend bar and restaurant owners consider freestanding first.

The best places to store your wine cooler or wine cabinet in your home is either the kitchen, dining room or home bar space (if you happen to own one). Put simply, Avintage models can be placed anywhere - that’s the beauty of them.

There’s nothing worse than having to find room for your wine collections, especially when you have to resort to storing them in a regular, household fridge.

Household fridges can be damaging to your wine, offering irregular temperatures and humidity. By keeping your wine in a regular fridge, it could only last a few days before the taste gets diminished.

Wine cooling solutions can help add a sense of security when you’re accommodating big collections. The last thing you want is to spend money on wine to later find that the cooling temperature has completely ruined the taste.

Since 2021, more people have purchased an Avintage product for the first time, taking advantage of its many benefits. Although Avintage wine coolers are made to house bottle collections, you can also keep other items in there such as water and cans.

With quick view features available across our site, we’ve made it easier than ever to shop for Avintage products. With many of our designs being sold at a discounted, sale price, be sure to check out the collection today.

Having obtained many great reviews and ratings of five stars, Avintage is known for being one of the best cooling solution brands on the market. Make your order today - with quick delivery, you’ll have your dream Avintage product in no time.

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