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Avintage is a French manufacturer of high-quality ageing wine cabinets. With modern designs that are manufactured with the best materials, their selection of wine coolers and storage cabinets are to the highest standard.

With capacities ranging from 8-294 bottles, Avintage offers some of the best ageing cabinets that allow the perfect conditions for wine refrigeration.

They offer a wide range of wine fridges in all different configurations; from built-in wine coolers to freestanding wine cabinets.

Whether you're looking for Avintage wine cabinets designed solely for long term wine storage or you're looking for a multi-purpose wine cooler, Avintage's collection allows for there to be something available for all.

When selecting a wine cellar from Avintage, you have to choose the one that you feel is right for your storage of wines, the reason for this is because you will have spent a long time collecting your wine.

This means that you have to ensure that the model that you choose has the features that will keep your wine safe.

Avintage wine coolers mostly come with UV treated doors which can help protect your wine collection from the sun ruining the quality of your wine.

The 2 main collections that Avintage manufactures are the DVA and DVP line. The DVA line is a single-zone wine cabinet whereas the DVP line is a multi-zone wine cabinet where there are 2 or more temperature zones that can be controlled separately.

Avintage wine coolers are also vibration-free. The reason for this is because the compressor is mounted on vibration-reducing rubber mountings.

In addition to this, each shelf in the wine cabinet is made from Sapele wood which absorbs any of the residual vibrations that you could feel.

The Sapele wood is mounted on rubber supports which is what stops vibrations from occurring.

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