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Wine coolers are designed to be built-in, left freestanding or fully integrated, our range of wine coolers is versatile and long-lasting. Manufactured with reliable materials, our selection of built-in wine coolers is energy efficient, ideal for those looking to accommodate wine collections long-term.

At Enofaber, we stock a variety of well-known, leading brands including Dunavox, Swisscave and Artevino to name a few.

Each product within our collection is designed to provide the right temperature range for an array of different wine variants, including white wines, reds and sparkling. With a sleek, smart appearance, you’ll have no trouble integrating one of our built-in wine coolers into your home or commercial space.

Unlike a freestanding wine cooler, a built-in design sits neatly in an existing cabinet space. Suitable for both small and large wine collections, our range of built-in wine coolers are ideal if you’re an avid wine drinker, enthusiast or passionate collector.

A built-in wine fridge is known as one of the most popular kitchen accessories on the market today. With many homeowners installing a wine cooler in their abode, it’s clear to see how these storage units are becoming a staple for families.

It’s best to assess the size of the area you’re working with before choosing a wine storage solution, especially if it’s going to be built-in. Deciding what wine bottle capacity your cooler offers is crucial, but if you’re wanting to expand your collection, it’s best to go for a larger model.

Built-in wine coolers are considerably smaller than freestanding units, typically because it’s harder to integrate a huge cooler into an available space of such size. Our friendly team are on hand to help customers decide on the right product for storing wine in their home.

Main Features of Built-In Wine Coolers

Charcoal filters are one of the main features that come with our plethora of built-in wine coolers, helping to eliminate unwanted aromas. Temperature zones are important when it comes to finding the dream wine cooler - we stock a variety of different built-in models that offer a range of single, multi and dual-zone temperature settings.

A multi-zone wine cooler is ideal for those who need to accommodate a collection of different wine variants at the same time, whether that be red, white or sparkling. Wine coolers integrated into existing cabinet space are typically best suited for smaller collections, but larger models are available across our site.

Humidity control is just as important as temperature, and with the appropriate regulation settings on your built-in wine cooler, you shouldn’t face the problem of having deteriorating wine.

Too much humidity can irreversibly damage your alcoholic goods, whilst too little humidity can lead to oxidation.

Direct sunlight can be extremely damaging to wine, which is why it’s so important that the storage you choose for your collections is built to protect your bottles from the sun. At Enofaber, we made it a priority to provide customers with products that have such a feature - our built-in wine coolers have UV-protected glass doors.

Benefits of Owning a Built-In Wine Cooler

There’s an array of benefits that come with owning a built-in wine cooler from Enofaber. Not only can built-in models fit perfectly into kitchen spaces, but some designs can be left freestanding if they’re designed efficiently to do so.

Blending into your kitchen cabinets, work surface or breakfast bar, wine coolers look great alongside existing interiors - they offer a modern approach, adding luxury and sophistication to your home.

A staple for many homeowners, built-in wine coolers are becoming increasingly popular, with many of our customers purchasing their dream fridges through us here at Enofaber.

Regardless of whether it’s short or long-term storage, built-in wine coolers help keep your wine fresher for longer, helping enhance taste, aroma and appearance. If you’re a passionate collector, you’ll find that wine increases in both value and taste when kept in a reliable storage unit for long periods.

The installation process is simple when it comes to fitting built-in coolers. Although we recommend having a professional electrician come to your property to help install your unit, it’s possible to do it yourself by following a simple guide.

How you and your guests view your wine cooler is important, why have such a statement accessory in your home for no one to see clearly? With LED lighting technology, you’ll be provided with a clear view of your collection, both up close and from afar.

Owning a wine cooler generally has many advantages, but having one built-in can be massively convenient for those who don’t want appliance taking up their floor space. Built-in wine coolers are available in a range of sizes, often holding anywhere between 30 to 50 bottles - this makes them ideal for small and medium-sized collections.

Where to Place a Built-In Wine Cooler

Built-in wine coolers are to be integrated into an existing kitchen cabinet or wall space. Unlike freestanding units, built-in designs are fixated into place, and often installed by a professional electrician.

Although it’s not always necessary to have your wine cooler installed by someone with such expertise, we definitely recommend it.

Where about in your kitchen you decide to have your wine cooler is entirely up to you and your preference. Built-in wine coolers should never be installed near hot appliances, such as an oven or dishwasher unit - too much heat against your wine cooler could raise the internal temperature.

Built-In Wine Coolers at Enofaber

Enofaber is well-known within the wine cooling industry, providing some of the best cooling units to those living in the UK. Working alongside big-name brands that are voted leading manufacturers in various locations across the world such as Climadiff and Dunavox, Enofaber can proudly say that we dedicate time and effort to stocking expert designs on our site.

If you’re interested in implementing a built-in wine cooler into your home or commercial space, feel free to contact a member of our team at 0345 257 0505 to speak further. We look forward to hearing from you.

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