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Wine coolers are the ultimate way of storing wine, whether it be in your home or business. Commercial wine coolers are designed to store wine in businesses - particularly in hospitality environments such as bars, restaurants, and hotels.

Commercial wine coolers are designed to store a range of wines within the same unit and tend to be much larger than regular wine coolers designed for personal use.

Temperature control is key with commercial wine coolers - it’s essential that the correct temperature is maintained throughout.

This is because commercial wine coolers are typically designed to store wine at serving temperature for customers. If a customer requests a certain wine, they expect it to be served to them at the right temperature.

However, temperature regulation can be tough with commercial wine coolers as the doors get opened regularly, which increases the risk of the cool air escaping and warm air entering.

To prevent this from occurring, most commercial wine coolers are fitted with special ventilation systems. These ventilation systems allow cool air to enter and dissipate.

Temperature regulation is key for commercial wine storage, and any drops or rises in temperature can have a negative impact on the taste of the wine. For example, wine served too cold can taste blander, whereas wine served too warm can taste slightly bitter and generally unpleasant.

This can also increase the risk of the wine being exposed to UV light, which can be damaging to wine in the long term. To protect wine from UV light, commercial wine fridges feature glass doors that have been UV treated.

At Enofaber, we can provide you with quality commercial wine coolers that are perfect for any bar, restaurant, or hospitality business. Our key brands for commercial wine coolers are EXPO, Artevino, and Dunavox.

You can find commercial wine coolers that can store and display just 1 bottle, and others that can store and display over 100 bottles.

Common Features of Commercial Wine Coolers

One of the main features of commercial wine coolers is the shelving. Typically, you’ll find that commercial wine coolers feature adjustable shelves. This allows you to store wine in a more organised manner, based on their age or the type of wine.

Commercial wine coolers often feature a stainless steel exterior. This helps to prevent any potential spillages from ruining the wine cooler - especially if the wine cooler is placed in a busy bar or a hotel.

Some of our commercial wine coolers also feature display shelves that allow you to make your wine collection more appealing. You can display your finest wine glasses, as well as decanters and other wine equipment.

Commercial Wine Coolers Installation

The way that commercial wine coolers should be installed depends on the design of the unit. However, for commercial usage, it’s recommended that they are installed by professionals to reduce the risk of the cooler being damaged and to ensure that the warranty doesn’t get voided.

Similar to personal wine coolers for your home, commercial wine coolers can come in three designs - freestanding, built-in, and integrated. Each have their own installation requirements, so it’s important that manufacturer instructions are always followed during the installation process.

Key Benefits of Commercial Wine Coolers

Commercial wine coolers are a much better option for storing wine for businesses than regular wine coolers as they can provide the perfect serving temperature for a variety of wines.

Many personal wine coolers are only suitable for storing a single type of wine, as reds and whites are best stored at separate temperatures.

The vast majority of commercial wine coolers feature dual temperature zones or multiple temperature zones, which makes it easier than ever to store a variety of wine types in the same unit.

Another key benefit of commercial wine coolers is that it allows customers to get a perfect view of the wine collection available. Almost all commercial wine coolers will feature glass doors which gives the customer a great view of the wine types and even the labels.

Display shelves are also common in commercial wine fridges, allowing you to proudly display the wine bottles, making it a more appealing experience for the customers.

Commercial Wine Coolers FAQ

Read on to find the answer to some questions about commercial wine coolers!

How Is A Commercial Wine Cooler Different From A Regular Wine Cooler?

Although both types of wine coolers are designed to store wine effectively, commercial wine coolers are used primarily to store wine at serving temperature.

More focus is also put on displaying the wine. The shelves can vary but are designed to display the wine in an appealing way, and so that the customer can see the label.

What Doors Do Commercial Wine Coolers Have?

Many restaurant, bar, and hotel owners prefer wine coolers that feature glass doors as this allows you to display the bottles available to customers in a stylish manner. The glass doors are always UV treated to ensure that the wine doesn’t get damaged.

Wine walls with glass doors often have a variety of shelves - display shelves, adjustable shelves, and fixed shelves. This gives you variety in displaying your wine collection. Wine walls can also be used as modular units - you can mix and match different units to create the ultimate wine storage display.

However, you can also find quality commercial wine fridges that feature solid doors, which also work to block out UV light completely.

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