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Commercial wine coolers are incredibly popular, seen as the ultimate way of storing fine wine. Whether you’re looking for a cooling unit for your home or business, Enofaber has something to offer for everyone.

Designed for hospitality use, commercial wine coolers can be found in restaurants, bars and hotels to name a few. Commercial wine coolers are typically made on a larger scale, making them ideal for venues that need to accommodate a vast bottle collection containing different wine variants.

Both temperature and humidity control are key when it comes to storing wine, which is why we stock such excellent storage units that come with a range of key features.

Providing customers with quality wine is one thing, but making sure it’s given at an efficient serving temperature holds just as much importance. Read on to find out more about our collection of commercial wine coolers.


Commercial Wine Coolers: Main Features

Commercial wine fridges operate differently from other wine coolers, maintaining the right temperature for extended periods of time. Our wine coolers provide you with a space to store collections that will be sure to impress customers.

One of the main features that come with commercial wine coolers is the built-in shelving units. Typically, commercial wine coolers have adjustable shelves, made with the finest materials that are created to last for long periods.

Organising your wine collection can be taken to a new level when you make use of the incredible shelving units that are integrated into our selection of commercial wine coolers.

Having your wine collection on display can be beneficial for business owners, allowing visitors to see what you have to offer more clearly. Display fridges are useful when your venue is busy, it’s important to have guests leaving feeling impressed by not only your interior and services but the accessories that you use.

We stock an array of door display fridges, ready to browse below. We understand how messy commercial environments can get, which is why we aim to provide easy-cleaning cooling solutions. The majority of our wine coolers come with stainless steel exteriors and UV-protected glass doors.


Benefits of Owning a Commercial Wine Cooler

When you compare commercial wine coolers to other storage units, this specific design is ideal for business owners. With both large and small commercial storage available on our site, you’ll be able to find the right product for you regardless of the size of your venue.

The vast majority of commercial wine coolers have dual-zone temperatures - this means you can store different types of wine at the same time, whether it be red, white or rosé.

Although it seems challenging to keep two different wine variants in the same place, it’s never been simpler with multi-zone technology.

Commercial wine coolers are manufactured with reliable materials, made to last in harsh conditions that are prone to becoming dirty - such as restaurants. The expert brands that we work alongside have excellence in mind at all times when it comes to creating new commercial wine cooler designs.

With more business owners reaping the benefits that come with owning a commercial wine cooler, it’s clear to see why they’re becoming so increasingly popular.


How Are Commercial Wine Coolers Installed?

Commercial wine coolers are typically left freestanding, but can also be built into bar space. Because of their versatile, commercial usage, this style of wine cooler requires a professional to complete the installation process.

Similar to regular wine coolers that can be found in homes across the country, commercial wine coolers can be integrated, built-in or left freestanding. Freestanding models are ideal for those who like to switch up their furniture and prefer having appliances in their home that offer free rein.

Built-in designs (similarly known as under-counter coolers) are usually found in home environments including kitchen spaces. Although each style of wine cooler offers the same advantages when it comes to storing wine, commercial venues would benefit excessively from freestanding units.

Although each style of wine cooler comes with different installation requirements, freestanding designs are the easiest to integrate into your space.

It’s vital that manufacturer instructions are followed once you receive your order - if you’re struggling to understand how your wine cooler should be installed, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team.


Commercial Wine Coolers at Enofaber

Enofaber has been operating for numerous years, providing excellent, well-made wine coolers to residents based in the UK, Ireland and the Scottish Highlands. We are known for our quality service and polite nature - we put our all into making sure that our customers have the best experience possible when working with us.

Dunavox, Swisscave and EXPO are among the list of leading brands that we work alongside, maintaining close relationships with them to supply the best commercial wine coolers for business owners.

The majority of our orders come with a two-man delivery system - this is ideal for those who want a commercial wine cooler but are unable to get them into their venues efficiently.

We have our customer’s best interests at heart at all times, which is why we offer such a service. From ordering your goods down to delivery, our staff work tirelessly to ensure each customer has a positive experience with us. Our feedback and reviews are proof of how good both our products and services are.

If you’d like any additional information about our commercial wine coolers or Enofaber as a whole, we’d be delighted to speak directly with you either by telephone or via email. To talk directly with a member of staff, please call 0354 257 0505 - we look forward to dealing with new customers.

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