Dometic Wine Coolers

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Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Dometic has over 20 years of experience being a specialist in mobile refrigeration and climate control.

Since their transition to the wine cooler market, manufacturing high-quality, luxury wine coolers are something that Dometic has achieved.

All of their range of wine coolers are equally useful in private residences as they are in commercial settings such as bars and restaurants.

Whether you are looking for a home wine cellar or you are a business searching for a larger capacity wine cabinet, Dometic has something available for you!

If you are looking to store both red and white wines in the same wine fridge, this is possible by purchasing a Dometic dual-zone wine cooler.

This allows you to store two different collections of wines at different temperatures in the same cabinet.

Dometic wine fridges use special heat and cool technology to achieve then maintain the ideal storage temperature. Smart electronics adjust to the target temperature and by warming or cooling the air inside the cooler.

Dometic wine fridges provide a perfect climate for wine storage and ageing. This is because all their high-end cabinets come fitted with a carbon filter for odour prevention and a water tank that helps to maintain a consistent humidity level.

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