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Dometic is a prominent wine cooler brand that originates from Stockholm, Sweden. With over 20 years of experience in the wine cooler industry, Dometic is a specialist when it comes to mobile refrigeration and climate control. When you compare Dometic to other well-known brands, they sit at the top of the list in regard to performance and durability.

As a company, Dometic is one of the best in the wine cooler market. If it’s a home wine cabinet or a cooler to house your collections, you can rest assured that Dometic will have something for you. If you’re interested in purchasing a Dometic wine cooler from Enofaber, read on to find out more about how they’re beneficial, their key benefits and where to place them.

How are Dometic Wine Coolers Beneficial?

Wine coolers in general are extremely beneficial if you’re looking to accommodate your bottles of wine in a safe storage unit. Keeping your wine in the right storage is key if you’re wanting your wine to maintain the best condition possible.

Wine has many qualities, and by keeping your wine refrigerated properly, you’re allowing it to age accordingly and let the flavours accentuate. Wine has a range of aromas and delicate notes - this is what makes wine taste how it does, so it’s crucial that these don’t get diminished during the cooling process.

Whether you need a Dometic wine cooler for your home or commercial space, it’s key that you keep your wine at the right temperature. When wine is served at the right temperature, it’ll make drinking it all that more enjoyable.

Dometic wine coolers are beneficial for numerous reasons, they come in a range of sizes and dimensions with sliding shelves. Maintaining humidity levels, protecting your bottles from sun exposure and adding style and luxury to your home are all among the list of advantages that come with Dometic wine coolers.

Being incredibly versatile and offering a variety of options when it comes to choosing the perfect temperature zone, Dometic wine coolers are the best option to go for in regard to cooling solutions. With a wide price range, there’s a wine cooler for all needs. 

How Do Dometic Wine Coolers Work?

You’re able to store both white and red wines in Dometic coolers, thanks to our dual-zone wine cooler model. Offering the choice to store both variations of wine, Dometic wine coolers work by using special heat and cool technology.

By using this technology, Dometic coolers are able to efficiently maintain a specific temperature. Put simply, smart electrons that are integrated within the coolers adjust to the temperature that needs to be targeted, generating both cool and warm air within.

Designed and manufactured with the highest quality in mind, Dometic wine coolers have been created to enable you to have two different collections of wine at the same time in different temperatures.

Fitted with a carbon filter to prevent odours, Dometic wine coolers are the ideal system to store wine in. As well as having an integrated carbon filter, Dometic installs a water tank into their designs to help aid the consistent humidity levels.

Key Features of Dometic Coolers

With Dometic coolers being made with the highest quality in mind at all times, there’s no surprise that each model comes with an array of top-key features. Whether it’s built-in, freestanding or a compressor Dometic wine cooler you’re after, our collection has them all.

The majority of Dometic wine coolers come with a range of features including user-friendly control panels, stainless steel handles, frameless glass doors, dim lights, sleek black exterior and fan-assisted cooling.

If you’re after a wine cooler with ultimate characteristics and modern technology, Dometic can provide you with that. Depending on the size of your Dometic model, our coolers can store up to 154 bottles in one of their largest capacity fridges.

You’ll be able to safely store your wine and serve it to family and friends at the perfect temperature. Dometic wine coolers are perfect for ageing wine, and their key features help them with that process.

Where to Place Your Dometic Wine Cooler

Dometic wine coolers can be placed in a variety of different spaces. We recommend you place your Dometic wine cooler wherever you feel it suits you best. Our coolers go with all interiors, adding a modern twist to your pre-existing decor.

With freestanding and built-in models available, you’ll be able to choose where you want your Dometic cooler to be placed. Freestanding models allow you more free rein when it comes to deciding on a place to put your cooler.

Some of our built-in models can be used as freestanding instead, which is great for those who like a specific design but aren’t ready to have it fully integrated. If you’re a hotel owner or run a restaurant or bar, we advise you to take a look at our larger models, as well as wine coolers from our commercial collection.

There’s nothing worse than letting your boxes of wine pile up. By integrating a Dometic wine cooler into your home or commercial space, you’ll be able to efficiently organise your collections and put them on display.

Hospitality solutions such as wine coolers are essential if you’re serving alcohol to customers throughout the day. Our Dometic wine coolers can be placed behind the bar, under the counter or out on display standing on the floor.

If you’re implementing a Dometic wine cooler into your home, we advise that you store them in your kitchen, dining room or garage - but the choice is yours. Dometic wine coolers can have food and other still beverages stored in them, making them great for when you run out of space in your regular, household fridge.

With an extensive list of positive reviews on our Dometic wine coolers, we are certain that our customers will find what they are looking for. Our coolers have quick view features, making it easier than ever to shop our Dometic range. Add your dream Dometic wine cooler to your basket today.

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