Dunavox Wine Coolers

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Based in Budapest, Hungary, Dunavox is quickly taking over the market share for wine fridges in countries worldwide.

With distribution throughout 40 countries globally, Dunavox is growing at a fast rate.

Renowned for the quality of each wine cooler, Dunavox put a huge effort into the development of its wine coolers.

Boasting 6 ranges from Glance to Grande, each range provides the same purpose of safe wine storage whilst providing a high level of luxury to any kitchen design they are fitted in.

Dunavox offers built-in, integrated and freestanding wine coolers in capacities from 6 to 200 bottles.

This allows any wine collector to have a selection of wine coolers to choose from depending on the size of their collection and the space that they have available to fit the wine fridge.

Dunavox manufactures all parts of their wine coolers in one factory. This gives their products the edge over competitors as with Dunavox's wine coolers being built under one roof, it gives their wine fridges more consistency and allows them to last for many years.

Each compressor driven unit manufactured by Dunavox comes with a 3-year warranty and thermoelectric units have a 2-year warranty.

Another luxury feature on Dunavox's newer ranges is push2open technology. This range comes without a handle and to open the model, you push the corners of the door.

All their freestanding models also are fitted with a tinted glass door to protect the wines from UV light and LED lights that provide a breathtaking finish and a chance for wine collectors to showcase their wine collection.

This makes Dunavox wine coolers a great investment that won't leave you disappointed whilst also giving you something that will definitely improve the interior of any setting that it is fitted in.

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