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Dunavox is a well-known wine storage brand that originates from Budapest. Growing at an extremely fast rate, Dunavox is taking over the world of wine coolers. At Enofaber, we work collaboratively with wine storage companies to make sure we choose the right stock to provide for our loyal customers.

When it comes to storing a bottle collection, it’s important that you choose the right cooling system. It can be hard to know how to store your wine efficiently, which is why the team at Enofaber are here to help. Dunavox wine coolers make the perfect choice for those in need of storage for their bottles.

Made with modern technology, high-quality materials and parts, a Dunavox wine cooler is the ideal product for someone who needs to keep their wine at a specific temperature but struggles to do so in a regular household fridge. If you’re interested in integrating a Dunavox wine cooler into your home or commercial space, continue reading to learn more.

Advantages of Owning a Dunavox Wine Cooler

With six ranges within their collection at Enofaber including Dunavox Glance to Grande, there’s a wine cooling system for everyone. Each range in our Dunavox collection offers excellent wine storage solutions and allows you to choose the ideal wine cooler that suits your requirements best.

Made with top-quality materials, Dunavox wine coolers blend in seamlessly regardless of your interior style. Each Dunavox wine cooler has it’s own unique design, making them the ideal storage unit for avid wine collectors.

With a range of different bottle capacities available, you’ll be able to accommodate both small and large collections.The smallest Dunavox cooler houses six bottles, whilst the biggest can fit up to 200.

Integrating a wine cooler into your kitchen, living room and dining space has many advantages, even more so when you shop with Dunavox. Wine storage made by Dunavox lasts for a long period of time, making them durable and reliable.

Lighting and excessive sun exposure can be extremely detrimental to your wine, causing the wine to lose flavour and lack aroma. Dunavox models are made with tinted glass doors to ensure your collection doesn’t endure any damage.

By pushing each corner of the doors on your Dunavox wine cooler, you’ll be able to open it with ease - this push to open technology has become increasingly popular, offering many conveniences.

With a wide range of styles and sizes to choose from, it’s easier than ever to shop for your dream wine cooler. Whether it be freestanding or built-in, Dunavox will have the right model for your requirements.

Where to Place a Dunavox Wine Cooler

Wine coolers can be placed in a variety of different places around your home and commercial space. Wine coolers are easy to install and can either be integrated, built-in or left freestanding.

Whilst a freestanding wine cooler offers more free rein and adaptability, built-in wine coolers (also known as under-counter wine coolers) blend seamlessly into your cabinet or empty wall space, acting as an extension to your existing kitchen.

Making the perfect accessory, wine coolers offer a space for you to keep your wine collection at the right temperature whilst displaying them neatly.

Unlike regular household fridge freezers, Dunavox wine coolers work to make sure a specific temperature range is maintained. Temperature zone wine coolers have parts built within to ensure your wine stays chilled.

Freestanding designs look best in an open kitchen space, whilst built-in models appear best in an empty cabinet space. Typically, you’ll find freestanding wine coolers in restaurants, bars and hotels - this is usually because freestanding wine coolers can fit more bottles in.

Built-in or Integrated wine coolers can’t be moved once they’re positioned into place, this is something that customers should be made aware of when they make their purchase.

Freestanding wine coolers can be moved around to wherever you like, this makes them the most versatile design to go for if you like to switch the furniture up in your home.

Dunavox Wine Cooler Temperature Zones

Dunavox wine coolers have either a single-zone or dual-zone temperature range. Single-zone wine coolers keep your alcoholic goods at one specific temperature, whilst dual-zone coolers allow you to keep different wine variants in one place at the same time, regardless of the different temperatures they require.

Although most people collect one wine variant, it can be handy to have a dual-zone wine cooler in case you decide to try other wines Red, white, rosé, champagne and Prosecco all need various temperatures to thrive in - this is something dual-zone coolers can offer.

If you only collect one type of wine, then a single-zone wine cooler will do you perfectly. Single-zone wine coolers can be set to whichever temperature your wine requires - this style of wine cooler is ideal for smaller collections.

Dunavox Wine Coolers at Enofaber

Enofaber has been operating for a long period of time, providing well-known top-quality wine cooler brands to those living in the UK. Wine coolers are important to have if you collect wine, and by shopping at Enofaber, you’ll be able to find your dream design today.

With quick-view features across our collections, it’s never been easier to find your ideal wine storage unit. As well as Dunavox, our team works collaboratively alongside various brands such as Climadiff and Avintage, making sure that the best cooling systems are stocked on our site for our loyal customers to buy.

Dunavox is well-respected in the world of wine coolers, making them one of the best choices to go for when it comes to purchasing a storage unit for your collections. We care about our customers, which is why we only stock the best brands on the market today.

There’s a reason our customers keep returning back to our site to shop for our products. With excellent service, fast delivery and five-star reviews, why not fill your basket and put your order in today?

We look forward to helping new customers choose their Dunavox wine cooler - if you require any additional information about our products, contact a member of our expert team on 0345 257 0505.

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