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Expo Home wine walls are ideal for those who want to add sophistication and luxury to their home. Wine walls, in general, offer a different look compared to wine coolers and cabinets.

With many homeowners jumping on the trend of integrating a wine wall into their living space, there’s no surprise that the Expo home line range has proven incredibly popular on our website.

Keeping your wine stored in the right environment is crucial if you want to enjoy a bottle of wine with friends and family in the right way. Knowing where to store your collection can be challenging, which is why Enofaber is here to help by providing top-quality wine storage solutions.

To find out more about our range of home wine walls, continue reading on.


Benefits of Owning a Home Wine Wall

Wine walls come with an array of benefits. The main reason many people find that wine walls work so well in their homes is that each model is specifically made to each order.

Finding a wine wall that fits your space how you need it to can prove to be difficult, especially if your space of choice is awkwardly shaped. To ensure that you can keep bottles, decanters and wine glasses on your home wall neatly, we offer a tailor-made service.

Each wine wall made by Expo comes as a refrigerated unit, meaning they’re safe, reliable and long-lasting. Having somewhere to store both your wine glasses and decanter is key.

As well as storing your wine in optimal conditions, home wine walls act as a designated area for your collections and accessories, allowing you to keep everything in one place.

Having expert wine storage can be useful when it comes to collecting wines. Different wine variants should be served at different temperatures - white wines are better tasting when they’re chilled, whilst red wines thrive in warmer environments.

It’s great having somewhere in your home to keep your collection safe. Typically built-in to kitchen space or left freestanding, wine cabinets and cooler units are often found in the same areas around your home - wine walls offer a different alternative.


Where to Place an Expo Home Wine Wall

Wine walls don’t need to be installed into an actual wall space - although the name can make it seem like they do.

Thanks to Expo tailoring their designs to each of their customer's specifications and requirements, it’s easier than ever to have a wine wall made for even the most difficult spaces in your home or commercial space.

If you’re interested in purchasing a freestanding wine wall, you’ll find that you’ll have more free rein in regard to placement and flexibility. Freestanding designs allow you to position your wine wall in a range of places.

A wine storage unit is an extension of your furniture, so making sure the placement is correct is crucial.

Some could argue that built-in wine walls look better than when they’re left freestanding. Built-in wine walls look great when they’re actually integrated into existing walls or under the stairs.

Many homeowners have their wine walls built-in into their stairs, which is one of the most visually pleasing options to go for.


Main Features of Expo Home Wine Walls

Each of our wine walls is uniquely made, with various key features between each. Some of the top features that come with Expo home wine walls are double sliding glass doors, UV-protected glass and a rechargeable carbon filter.

Although features vary depending on what model you purchase, Expo put their all into making sure that their wine walls offer the best storage for their customers. With either single-zone or multi-zone temperature ranges available, you’ll be able to accommodate many wine variants.

Expo creates their products with top features to make sure their customers get the most out of their storage products.

If you have children in your home and want additional safety, then you’ll be glad to know that our wine walls come with a lock and key - this means you won’t have to worry when your little ones are roaming around the house.

Each wine wall is made for both home and commercial use. Regardless of where you decide to use your Expo wine wall, you’ll be sure to impress friends, family and guests.

One of the most technologically advanced features that come with our wine walls is that they’re low vibrational and run silently.

Low vibrational wine storage is the best for your collections - the frequent disruption caused by movement can disturb the sediments that lie at the bottom of wine bottles. Moving sediments could ruin the overall taste and appearance.

Bottle capacity changes depending on how big your wine wall is - Expo designs and manufactures different-sized wine walls to accommodate all collection types. To view the features of each wine wall, simply check the product listing.


Expo Wine Walls at Enofaber

At Enofaber, we provide our customers with some of the best brands in the world. Our expert team has carefully hand-picked an array of well-known wine storage brands to work alongside - our aim is to bring some of the best cooling solutions to the UK.

With a wide range of five-star reviews, it’s clear to see that our customers are happy with their products and the services that our team provide.

Finding the ideal wine wall for your home isn’t easy - if you require any additional help whilst you’re on the search for your dream product, be sure to contact a member of our team.

Although the days of owning a wine cellar aren’t over for some, wine walls offer a modern approach to bottle collection storage. Not only do we stock top-quality wine walls, but we also provide built-in wine coolers, freestanding wine coolers and wine cabinets.

If you’d like to find out more about our home range of wine walls, reach out to us today. We look forward to supplying our customers with some of the best wine walls on the market. Call 0345 257 0505 or email info@enofaber.com to speak with us.

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