EXPO - Professional Wine Walls

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Expo is a top brand in the world of wine storage, they offer something slightly different to standard wine coolers by offering wine walls.

The Expo Professional Line is manufactured in a factory just outside of Turin, Italy, in this factory, they design, develop and manufacture the most high-quality wine walls that are available.

Being distributed in 45 countries globally has allowed Expo to hold the market leader for wine walls.

The professional range is designed for commercial settings such as bars and restaurants. Expo Wine Walls allow you to use a configurator so that you can design your wine wall for your commercial setting.

Expo's Professional range allows you to store a vast amount of bottles in a configuration that keeps wine refrigerated for customers whilst also looking aesthetically pleasing for all to see.

Each of Expo's professional wine walls is multi-temperature zone units and they also have many different temperature options.

This means that you can store different wines at different temperatures in the wine walls whilst fans are added to provide an extra breeze of cold air.

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