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Integrated wine coolers are one of the most popular wine fridge styles to choose from. If you’re wanting to utilise your kitchen space, we recommend browsing through our integrated wine cooler collection. Integrated wine storage is often fitted into a kitchen cabinet or bar space.

Wine coolers are designed to offer a sleek and stylish appearance, offering a modern approach to your existing decor. At Enofaber, we work closely with a range of well-known, leading brands such as Dunavox, Swisscave and EXPO.

We provide some of the best cooling products for our customers to choose from, with a selection of integrated wine coolers suited for everybody.

Unlike a built-in wine cooler or under-counter model, integrated units are completely enclosed in a cabinet space - this means your wine cooler won’t be visible.

Perfect for collectors, enthusiasts or avid wine drinkers, integrated wine coolers make the ideal storage space for bottle collections. Bottle capacity typically ranges from 21 to 120, making integrated wine coolers suitable for both small and medium-sized collections.

Most integrated designs offer one temperature zone, but finding a dual-zone wine cooler is possible when browsing our collection. If you’re starting off small with the aim to expand your collection, an integrated wine cooler would be one of the most suitable purchases.

If you drink different wine variants, we recommend a dual-zone wine cooler. Applicable for those that drink red, white and sparkling wines, dual-zone temperatures allow you to efficiently store your alcoholic goods at the same time in the same unit.

Having become one of the most popular kitchen accessories, an integrated wine cooler can be found in many homes. Each product within our collection is made at the highest standard - the leading brands we work with use the best materials to ensure your integrated wine cooler remains reliable and long-lasting.

Main Features of Integrated Wine Coolers

Direct sunlight is one of the most damaging factors to consider when storing your wine - each of our integrated models comes with UV-protected glass to ensure your collection remains safe at all times.

Although we include this feature with an array of our designs, integrated coolers are hidden away behind kitchen cabinets, making them less prone to light damage.

If you’re wanting a clear view of your bottle collection in darker conditions, you’ll be glad to know that each integrated unit comes with LED lighting solutions. Interior LED lighting enables you to effortlessly view your collection and show your appliance off to visitors.

Unlike fridge freezers that are integrated into your kitchen space, wine coolers provide efficient temperature zones that make sure to keep your wine in the best condition for long periods. With audible alarms fitted into each model, you’ll be notified when your desired temperature drops.

We’re wine experts here at Enofaber, taking all requirements into account when we stock our site with cooling products. Each integrated wine fridge comes with adjustable shelving units, a feature that’s crucial for those who have a variety of different-shaped wine bottles to accommodate.

Benefits of Owning an Integrated Wine Cooler

Keeping your wine collection in an expert storage system comes with a wide range of benefits and advantages, but even more so when you choose an integrated design.

Compared to a regular under-counter wine cooler, an integrated wine cooler is more protected against harmful lighting.

Integrated wine coolers save floor space, making them ideal if you have a smaller kitchen. If you want your kitchen to look seamless and uncluttered, an integrated wine cooler is essential.

More people are opting for an integrated unit compared to other designs that fit into kitchen cabinet spaces - this is because the smart appearance they offer attracts many of our customers.

As well as regulating temperature, integrated units take into account other various factors such as humidity control. It can be hard finding the right appliance that takes care of sunlight, temperature and humidity, but not when you shop at Enofaber.

A selection of our top-quality integrated wine coolers feature a vibration-free compressor - this means the unit itself won’t make noise or disturb the lying sediments that remain dormant within each wine bottle. Vibrations can be detrimental to wine variants, ruining the overall aroma and taste of your wine collection.

Where to Place an Integrated Wine Cooler

Although many built-in wine units can act as freestanding wine coolers, this isn’t the case for integrated designs. Integrated wine coolers are specifically designed to be hidden behind kitchen cabinet spaces, making them ideal for those that want to refine their kitchen and keep it sleek-looking.

Vents are built around the front of integrated units, with fans positioned underneath. The only way that integrated wine coolers can work efficiently is by placing them in an existing cabinet, bar or wall space.

When it comes to installation, we recommend checking the dimensions of your space beforehand - this could apply to people who haven’t accurately measured their kitchen before making a purchase.

Avoid positioning your wine cooler next to appliances that generate heat, including cookers and dryers. All items within our collection are made to last, which is why we recommend positioning them away from heated appliances.

Although nothing harmful can occur by positioning your wine cooler next to a heated unit, it could warm your fridge up and cause your electricity bill to be higher than usual.

Integrated Wine Coolers at Enofaber

Enofaber is well-respected within the industry for providing top-quality wine coolers to customers across the country. We work closely with some of the leading brands from around the world to ensure residents in the UK have an excellent selection of wine fridges to choose from.

Delivering to the majority of the UK mainland, Ireland and the Scottish Highlands, Enofaber works tirelessly to make sure customers get the best delivery service possible. We offer a complimentary two-person delivery service, making us one of the best wine cooler sellers in the country.

We have a selection of five-star reviews on our site, making it clear to see how happy our customers are with the products we provide. With quick-view features on each of our collections, it’s never been easier to shop for your dream wine cooler and add it to your basket.

For additional information about our range of integrated wine coolers, please call us on 0345 257 0505 - a member of our staff will act as a buying guide whilst you complete your purchase.

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