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When it comes to wine coolers, there are three designs - freestanding, built-in, and integrated.

Integrated wine coolers are a great way of utilising kitchen space and saving floor space. Instead of standing freely and taking up floor space, integrated wine coolers are designed to be installed into existing kitchen space - for example, kitchen cabinets, walls, or breakfast bars.

Unlike built-in wine coolers, fully integrated wine coolers are designed to be completely enclosed in cabinet space, meaning that the wine cooler door won’t be visible in your kitchen.

Most integrated wine coolers will have just one temperature zone, but you can find integrated wine coolers with dual temperature zones. This is great as you can store your reds and whites at separate temperatures within the same unit, or store wine for serving and wine for ageing.

This creates a sleek and seamless look, which is perfect for any kitchen design.

Common Features of Integrated Wine Coolers

Many integrated wine coolers will feature interior LED lighting, which enables you to effortlessly view your wine collection in dark conditions. Although the most common LED light colour for wine coolers is white, you can find wine coolers that have any colour interior lighting.

Some integrated wine coolers will feature a glass window (UV protected, of course), so you can get a clear view of your collection. However, fully integrated wine coolers will be completely enclosed so you’d need to open a door to access your collection.

You can find integrated wine coolers that feature audible alarms that alert you if the temperature drops below or rises above your desired temperature range, or that sounds whenever you leave the door open. This is an especially useful feature if you’re forgetful!

Many integrated wine coolers will feature adjustable shelves, which is perfect if you need to make space for more bottles or if you have larger bottles (e.g Champagne), as wine coolers are typically designed to accommodate standard 75cl Bordeaux bottles.

Integrated Wine Cooler Installation

Fully integrated wine coolers require a little more effort to install than simply placing down a freestanding wine cooler. This is because they are designed to fit snugly into kitchen spaces.

It’s usually best to measure the space you have available in your kitchen space (e.g cabinet) and order an integrated wine cooler that can fit comfortably in the space.

However, before installing, it’s important to consider whether the unit will be big enough to store your wine collection. If not, then you may want to store just a few bottles in the wine fridge for serving, and have the rest of your collection stored elsewhere in the long term.

Avoid installing your integrated wine fridge near appliances that generate heat such as your oven, tumble dryer or dishwasher. This can warm up the wine fridge and affect the set temperature, as well as lead to the compressor working harder to cool the unit, raising your electric bill.

It’s always recommended that you opt for professional installation of your integrated wine cooler. This is because there should be a certain amount of ventilation space at the rear of the unit to allow the warm air to exit and the cool air to enter.

Failing to leave the correct amount of space at the rear of the unit could result in the cooler overheating or the compressor overworking, raising your electricity bill.

Always be sure to follow the manufacturer installation instructions to avoid voiding the warranty.

Key Benefits of Integrated Wine Coolers

One of the main benefits of integrated wine coolers is that they save floor space. If you have a smaller kitchen, your floor space is used up by other appliances, or you want to opt for a seamless or modern kitchen, then an integrated wine fridge is the way forward.

Purchasing an integrated wine cooler gives you peace of mind knowing that your kitchen looks sleek and seamless, and isn’t cluttered by appliances. More and more people are opting for integrated appliances as it not only saves space but looks great.

Integrated wine coolers are sure to fit in seamlessly with any interior design - after all, they’re designed to be integrated into your kitchen.

Integrated wine coolers take into account the key storage factors that can affect your wine - temperature, humidity, sunlight. Some integrated wine coolers will feature a vibration-free compressor to ensure that all movements are kept to a minimum, allowing sediment to settle in the bottles and your wine to age peacefully.

Integrated Wine Coolers FAQ

If you have any questions about integrated wine coolers, then keep reading for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

What Brands Sell Integrated Wine Coolers?

At Enofaber, we have a variety of brands available for you to choose from. If you’re looking for an integrated wine cooler on our site, then you’ll be glad to know that Dunavox and Avintage integrated wine coolers are particularly popular.

What Other Wine Coolers Designs Are There?

As well as integrated wine coolers, you can find freestanding and built-in wine coolers. Freestanding wine coolers are designed to stand freely, giving you plenty of freedom when placing them. However, freestanding wine coolers may take up valuable floor space.

Freestanding wine coolers have important installation requirements to allow for optimal ventilation. Be sure to follow manufacturer instructions - this usually involves leaving a few inches of space around the rear and sides of the unit, and 12 inches above the unit.

Built-in wine coolers are similar to integrated wine coolers - however, built-in models typically have a protruding profile whereas integrated units are more seamless. Fully integrated wine coolers are completely enclosed in kitchen space, whereas built-in wine coolers will always be visible from the front.

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