La Sommelière Wine Coolers

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La Sommelière is a French company that has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing wine coolers in France and throughout Europe. La Sommelière offers a wide range of wine fridges ranging from countertop wine coolers to 200 bottle multi-zone wine cabinets.

With products being sold in over 60 countries, La Sommelière is proving to be the wine storage expert when wine preservation is concerned.

Whether you're looking for a quality wine fridge to display your wines or you are looking for an ageing wine cabinet, La Sommelière has high-quality models that will suit your needs.

Their range of wine coolers have an anti-vibration system that protects the wines from being harmed in any way. Their models also have humidity control in each wine cooler.

This helps to keep the cork wet which prevents oxygen from entering the wine bottle which can spoil the quality of the wine.

Each large wine cabinet from La Sommelière also has sliding shelves. This makes storing your wine simple as you can slide the shelves out if you are looking for one particular wine bottle.

Every wine cooler regardless of size comes with a standard 2-year warranty. This helps you as a customer as they can give you assistance if there are any problems with your wine cooler.

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