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La Sommelière is a French company that has over 20 years of expert experience in the wine cooling industry. At Enofaber, we make sure that the brands we stock and sell are some of the best on the market today. With a wide range of wine cabinets and coolers available across our site, why not browse our La Sommelière collection?

Wine storage is important when you’re housing a collection of bottles. Technology has moved forward since the popularity of using a wine cellar was on the rise - many collectors use an advanced cooling appliance such as a La Sommelière wine cooler for their alcohol wine storage.

If you’re looking at integrating a wine cooler into your living or commercial space, look no further than our La Sommelière collection. Whether it be a single-zone wine cabinet or a dual-zone wine cooler that you’re looking for, there’s something for everyone within our latest range. To find out more about La Sommelière wine coolers or to explore our collection, read on.

Benefits of La Sommelière Wine Coolers

There are an array of benefits that come with owning La Sommelière wine coolers. Whether you purchase a freestanding wine cooler or one that’s built-in, each product is designed at the highest standard with a variety of key features.

It’s not just their key features that set La Sommelière apart from other brands - this well-known french brand uses some of the best parts and materials to make their cooling systems. If you’re in need of an efficient, long-lasting and reliable wine cooler then La Sommelière is the brand for you.

Our selection of La Sommelière wine coolers is manufactured in France and later arrives here in the UK to be sold to our loyal Enofaber customers. Not only do La Sommelière wine coolers have good bottle capacity, but they’re also made with some of the strongest, most reliable materials.

Having a wine cooler is one of the best kitchen accessories to have in your home. Although wine coolers are there to serve a purpose and keep your bottle collection at the right temperature, they also offer a modern approach to your existing decor.

La Sommelière wine coolers have an anti-vibration system that protects your wine. Vibrating units can often lead to disruption, meaning the sediments in your wine bottles mix together - this can ruin both the appearance and taste. Each cooler has temperature and humidity control, something that’s essential to maintain when it comes to storing wine.

Humidity and temperature settings allow your wine to thrive accordingly, strengthening the flavours and delicate aromas. It’s crucial that your corks don’t get wet - if this happens, moisture will become trapped within the bottle and spoil the quality of the wine.

Organising your wine collection has never been easier with La Sommelière wine coolers, each unit has sturdy shelves that glide out easily. Sliding shelves allow you to store and display your wine bottles how you like whilst being able to find a certain brand with ease.

Where to Place Your La Sommelière Wine Cooler

Where you place your wine cooler is up to you - whichever space in your home fits best should work. Freestanding wine coolers offer more free rein in regards to placement, allowing you to move your unit around as often as you like to different areas.

Restaurants, bars, hotels and other commercial spaces are where you’ll find freestanding models the most. Freestanding designs usually have a larger bottle capacity, which is why they’re ideal for a restaurant to keep its big selection of wine variants.

Built-in wine coolers are perfect for those who want to add an appliance into their kitchen space that blends in seamlessly with their cabinets.

Although built-in designs are modern, stylish and add luxury to your space, it’s important that you know that if you move premises, the wine cooler can’t be taken out of where it’s integrated into.

Both freestanding and built-in wine coolers are great fridges to keep your collections in, regardless of what model you go for.

Keeping your wine collections in a regular household fridge freezer could be extremely detrimental to your wine - fridges struggle to maintain the same temperature over a long period.

Safety is key when it comes to installing your La Sommelière wine cooler, especially if it’s being built-in into your kitchen, wall or home bar. We recommend having a professional electrician come to your property to have your wine cooler integrated into your space.

At Enofaber, we understand the added expenses that come with having an electrician install your wine cooler - if you need advice or information about the products that we stock on our website, feel free to contact a member of our team.

La Sommelière at Enofaber

Enofaber is a well-respected wine storage company based in the UK. Having provided excellent wine coolers and cabinets for a number of years, Enofaber has knowledge of all the top-quality brands - La Sommelière included.

As well as stocking La Sommelière, we also work alongside other various storage brands such as Climadiff and Avintage. We offer a two-person team to help with your delivery, we know it can be difficult to get your wine cooler into your home on your own.

Now that you’ve learnt how damaging keeping your wine collection in a regular fridge is, what’s stopping you from making your dream La Sommelière purchase? With quick-view product features across our collections, it’s simpler than ever to find the perfect wine storage system.

Reviews and ratings left by our loyal customer base prove that they’re extremely happy with their La Sommelière wine coolers.

If you’re running out of room and need expert wine storage, look no further than Enofaber. Our products are sold at the best price, with an array of different sizes and capacities available.

We look forward to welcoming new clients and providing them with their La Sommelière wine cooler or cabinet. To find out more about our La Sommelière range, call us on 0345 257 0505 or alternatively, email

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