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If you’re looking for an efficient storage cabinet to keep your wine collection in, why not take a look at our vast wine cabinet selection? Wine cabinets make the ideal storage solution, providing temperature controls and a range of bottle capacities.

Wine thrives when it’s stored at the right temperature, which is why it’s so important to keep your collections in the right conditions long-term.

At Enofaber, we stock leading brands such as Artevino, Swisscave and Climadiff - all of which design and manufacture wine coolers and cabinets with wine racks.

The well-being of your wine collections is important, not only can storing your bottles in the wrong temperature and humidity zone have detrimental effects on taste and aroma, but it also ruins the appearance and overall quality.

Wine cabinets provide a safe space for your wine to age accordingly, typically built with key features using long-lasting, reliable materials.

As well as temperature, direct sunlight and humidity, frequent movement can impact the quality of your wine - this is why many of our cabinet units come with a vibration-free compressor.

Wine cabinets can vary in size, and at Enofaber, we have a selection of storing units that can house between 40 to 400 bottles at a time. Known as being one of the most reliable storage units on the market today, it’s clear to see why many of our customers shop our collection.

Main Features of Wine Cabinets

Providing optimal storage for your bottle collections, wine cabinets make the ideal accommodation for alcoholic goods. Blending into existing furniture, our range of wine cabinets has a sleek, sophisticated and modern appearance that looks great alongside all interior styles.

Temperature-controlled wine cabinets make perfect gifts for those who are in need of expert storage for their bottles. If you have a genuine interest in wine, you’ll know how important it is to have a storage unit within your home or bar space that provides an array of key features.

With both dual and multi-zone temperature zones available across our designs, you’ll be able to store your wine variations at different temperatures.

With direct sunlight being one of the most common reasons why wine collections deteriorate in storage, we’ve made sure that our cabinet models have UV-treated glass doors.

As much as internal features are necessary, it’s crucial to display your bottle collections in the best way possible - not only will this impress guests, but it’ll also allow you to keep bottles organised as you grow your collection.

Many wine cabinets come with LED interior lighting, making it clear for you to see labels and keep your wine cabinet looking its best. From blue, orange and white, we have a range of different colours to choose from for your wine cabinet to make it personalised to your style and home interior.

Benefits of Owning a Wine Cabinet

Owning a wine cabinet comes with a plethora of benefits and advantages. Best used for long-term storage, wine cabinets help with the ageing process and keep the content within your bottle fresher for longer.

Whether you’re a wine lover, collector or enthusiast, we can assure you that you’ll be able to reap the benefits of owning your own wine cabinet.

Having a wine cabinet in your home can save space, allowing you to keep all your bottles in one place. With a sturdy wine cabinet rack integrated into our designs, you’ll be able to organise your collections to your preferred style.

Many designs also come with a wine glass rack, making it easy to grab wine glasses for guests and family members at social events. Wine is best stored at around 11 to 14 degrees Celcius, and our designs are constantly switched on to ensure this temperature range is maintained.

Electronic touch control, adjustable feet and digital display sets are among the list of key features that some of the wine cabinets within our collection come with.

Although our customers have their favourites, we dedicate time to making sure the best designs are picked from leading brands from across the world, making our wine cabinets some of the best on the market today.

Where to Store a Wine Cabinet

Wine cabinets can be stored in various places, depending on whether they’re a freestanding or built-in design. Typically kept in a kitchen space, cabinets can also be found in commercial settings such as restaurants, bars and hotels. For a clearer view of your wine cabinet, we recommend purchasing a freestanding design.

Built-in units are best suited for smaller collections and sit neatly within an empty cabinet space. Although freestanding cabinet units offer more free rein and adaptability, built-in designs usually open up your space whereas freestanding cabinets take it up.

Deciding on where to store your wine cabinet all comes down to the size available and preference. Smaller areas could benefit from a built-in design, whereas large spaces won’t feel overcrowded with a freestanding unit standing openly. Wine cabinets in general add luxury to your home or commercial space, ideal for impressing costumes and visitors.

Wine Cabinets at Enofaber

With a multitude of five-star reviews, it’s clear to see how happy our customers are with their purchases and our expert UK delivery service. We offer a two-person delivery system, making it easier than ever for your wine cabinet to be delivered.

We have a quick view feature across our collections, allowing customers to choose a wine cabinet efficiently and with ease.

Add your dream wine cabinet to your basket today - we’re happy for you to send back your purchase (within 14 days) through returns if you later decide to change your mind or if your wine cabinet doesn’t fit in your intended space.

We work collaboratively with a range of brands to make sure our customers have the best selection of wine cabinets to choose from. It can be difficult to decide between different designs, which is why we have a live chat feature on our site.

We look forward to helping new customers decide on which wine cabinet to purchase, if you’d like to speak directly with a member of the Enofaber team, feel free to call us on 0345 257 0505 or email us at

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