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Wine cabinets are a great way of storing your wine, especially for long-term storage and regardless of bottle capacity. Wine, especially Bordeaux bottles is best stored in certain conditions at the ambient temperature. Wine cabinets provide the perfect conditions to ensure your wine remains fresh for longer and ages well.

Temperature, sunlight, humidity, and even movement can all affect the quality of wine, how well it ages, and how long it remains fresh. This is ultimately attributed to these factors having a certain impact on the internal temperature of your collection.

Wine cabinets are designed to maintain the right temperature for your wine, ensuring that your wine doesn’t overheat or freeze. Typically, wine cabinets have a control panel that allows you to adjust the temperature to your preference.

Most wine cabinets are fitted with solid doors to ensure complete darkness, protecting your wine collection from harmful UV rays. UV light can not only heat your wine but cause unwanted and irreversible chemical reactions within the body of the wine, causing it to prematurely age.

However, some wine cabinets feature glass doors that allow you to proudly display your wine collection. Glass doors should be UV treated to ensure protection against UV rays.

Movement can also affect how well wine ages, which is why most wine cabinets feature a vibration-free compressor. This is because vibrations can disturb the sediment and prevent it from settling in the bottle, leading to a decrease in acids that dull the flavour of the wine.

Wine storage cabinets can vary in size, storing anything between 40 and 400 bottles of wine.


Common Features of Wine Storage Cabinets

Wine cabinets are full of convenient features that provide optimal conditions for your wine to age well in the long term.

You can find wine storage cabinets that feature dual-temperature zones or multi-temperature zones. This means that you can store your different types of wine at different temperatures - e.g, your reds in one zone, and your sparkling and white wines in another.

Choosing a wine cooler with dual temperature zones also means that you can store some bottles in the long term for ageing at one temperature while storing some bottles for serving at another. This saves you from buying a wine cooler as well as a wine cabinet, saving both floor space and money.

Many wine cabinets will feature interior lighting, which is a great way to personalise your wine cabinet. Whether you choose blue LED lighting, orange, or simple white LED lighting, your wine collection is sure to look great.

Interior lighting is particularly popular in wine cabinets that have glass doors, as it allows you to proudly display your wine collection.


Wine Storage Cabinet Installation

As with wine coolers, wine cabinets can have three designs - freestanding wine cabinets, built-in wine coolers, and fully integrated models.

Freestanding wine storage cabinets stand freely and have certain installation requirements for ventilation. The vents are usually located at the rear or bottom of freestanding wine storage cabinets.

The manufacturer requirements can vary, but you typically should leave a few centimetres around the sides and rear of the unit to allow optimal airflow, as well as around 12 inches above the cabinet.

Built-in and integrated wine cabinets also have certain installation requirements. They are both designed to be installed in kitchen spaces, so don’t need as much space for ventilation.

They are designed to be placed under counters or inside cabinets. However, integrated cabinets are designed to be completely enclosed in cabinet space.


Key Benefits of Wine Storage Cabinets

Wine storage cabinets are an ideal way to store your wine in the long term, whether it be for ageing, investing, or simply to keep your wine fresh for longer.

Wine cabinets are the ideal choice for larger wine collections as they are designed to maximise capacity so that you can store all your bottles in one place.

If you’re a wine investor, or simply love your wine, then a wine cabinet is the best way for you to store your collection. Not all wine storage appliances consider humidity, but the majority of wine cabinets do.

Wine is best stored at humidity levels between 55% and 75% to ensure the wine bottles remain fresh and the cork remains in place. Too much or too little humidity can cause damage to the wine bottles, the labels, and the wine itself.


Wine Storage Cabinets FAQ

If you have any questions about wine storage cabinets that we haven’t already answered, then you may find the answer in our FAQ section.


What’s The Difference Between A Wine Cabinet and a Wine Cooler?

Wine cabinets and wine coolers are pretty similar, but they do have their differences. Although to highlight what the differences between both wine cabinets and wine coolers are, both wine cabinets and wine coolers can vary in size, wine cabinets are generally more suited to larger wine collections.

Due to their convenient features that make wine storage a breeze, wine cabinets tend to have a slightly higher price tag than wine coolers. Ageing wine cabinets are perfect for wine investors, businesses, and those who care about the quality of their wine.

They are typically more sophisticated appliances that are designed for ageing wines as opposed to simply storing wine in the short term for serving. Wine coolers are typically used for shorter-term wine storage and are better suited to smaller to medium-sized wine collections.


What Temperature Should Wine Be Stored At In The Long Term?

Wine is best stored at temperatures between 11-14˚c. If the storage temperature is too high, then the wine could develop an irreversible cooked taste and the quality could dramatically drop.

However, if the wine temperature is too low, the wine may be at risk of freezing. If wine freezes, it loses its natural flavours and begins to taste bland.

The cork could also freeze and slip out of place, exposing the wine to oxygen. This is something that no wine collector wants to happen, as oxygen can ruin wine quickly.

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