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There are a variety of ways to store and display your wine, and one of the most popular options is wine walls.

As well as proudly displaying your wine collection, wine walls are a great way at storing your wine for serving. It’s essentially a refrigerated wine cabinet designed to display your wine collection in the best way possible.

Most people purchase several units and combine them to create a custom wine wall to match any home, business, or wine collection.

At Enofaber, our wine walls feature temperature control to ensure that your wine collection remains at the optimal temperature for serving.

However, wine walls aren’t the ideal solution for ageing your wine - a wine cellar or wine cabinet would be more suited for long term wine storage.

When purchasing a wine wall, be sure to consider the display. What do you want the shelves to look like? How do you want each module to look? How many bottles do you want the wine wall to hold? And how much control do you want over the storage factors (e.g temperature or humidity)?

Each wine wall has different display types and bottle capacities, so be sure to consider this before purchasing.

Common Features of Wine Walls

Typically, you’ll find that wine walls feature LED lighting to optimise the display of your wine. You can find LED lighting in pretty much any colour, but the most common colours are white, orange, and blue. The LED lighting is typically controlled using a remote, making it easier than ever to turn the lights on and off and change the colour.

The shelves allow you to store more than just your wine bottles - you can also store wine glasses, decanters, and other wine equipment. Most wine storage solutions primarily accommodate standard 75cl bottles, but you can find wine walls that feature shelves that are designed to accommodate larger bottles of wine (e.g Champagne bottles).

Wine walls pretty much always feature glass doors and walls, which allows you to display your wine effectively. At Enofaber, our wine walls feature UV-treated glass panels to prevent any harmful UV rays from damaging your wine collection.

Our wine walls also feature charcoal filters to eliminate any unwanted aromas, as this can decrease the quality of the wine - and lead to unhappy customers if the wine wall is installed in a business.

Another common feature of wine walls is vibration-free compressors - this is especially common for professional wine walls as they eliminate any movement, allowing the sediment to settle in the bottle and allowing the wine to age.

Wine Wall Installation

Wine walls are designed to be installed and positioned against a wall. However, you can find wine walls that are designed to stand freely with sliding doors at the front and rear, giving you 360-degree access to your wine collection.

A wine wall is essentially a modular system of wine storage solutions that allows you to personalise the wine wall depending on how much space you have available.

Although you can install just one unit, most people decide to install several units along a wall to suit the space available and the size of the wine collection.

Key Benefits of Wine Walls

Wine walls are the ultimate way to display and store your wine collection, offering class and sophistication.

A wine wall is sure to look great in your home or business, whether it be your dining room or your hotel or restaurant.

Although they’re designed to display your wine in a visually appealing and organised way, they can also be used to store your wine effectively.

One of the main benefits of wine walls is that it gives you the chance to customise - you can purchase a variety of different modular units and install them to create your custom wine wall.

There are countless designs, styles and display types to choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect wine wall for your wine collection that matches the design of your room, whether it be your home or business.

Wine Walls FAQ

If you want to learn more about wine walls or have any questions, keep reading for the answers to some wine wall FAQs.

Are Wine Walls The Same As Wine Coolers?

Although wine walls and wine coolers both store wine effectively, wine walls are more aesthetically pleasing. Instead of a deep unit, wine walls are typically one or two bottles deep and installed against walls.

However, wine coolers can be a lot deeper, storing anything between 10 and 100+ bottles. Although some wine coolers will allow you to display wine equipment such as glasses and decanters, wine walls have shelves especially for displaying such items.

Wine walls also usually have multi-temperature zones, whereas only a small percentage of wine coolers feature multi-temperature zones.

Both wine walls and wine cabinets are found in businesses, but wine walls are the better option of the two for professional environments.

Wine walls are also best for storing your wine in the short term for serving, whereas wine coolers are great for both short-term and long term wine storage.

What Should I Consider Before Purchasing A Wine Wall?

Before purchasing a wine wall, the most important thing to consider is the size of the wine wall - how many bottles do you need to store? Where are you going to place the wine all? Is there space?

Another thing to consider before purchasing a wine wall is the aesthetics. What colour wine wall do you want? Will it match the interior of your home or business? How do you want the display to look? Do you want shelves to display decanters for wine glasses?

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