Ageing Wine Cabinets

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Ageing wine cabinets are designed to provide optimal conditions for the long term storage of wine or wine ageing. In order to achieve this, they contain a charcoal filter that absorbs the bad odours which avoids your wine from losing its taste.

Ageing cabinets also have different temperature zones. This works if you have red and white wine as they have different ideal storage conditions so you can store different types of wine in the different zones.

The humidity level is also important in ageing wine cabinets. If the humidity is high, it can cause mould and when the humidity is low, the cork can dry out resulting in the degradation of the wine.

With that being said, the ideal humidity level is between 50-70%. A constant temperature has to be kept in order for the quality of the wine to be maintained.

Because they are similar to wine cabinets, ageing wine cabinets can hold up to 400 Bordeaux bottles of wine because they are made to maximise capacity.

They offer adjustable shelves so you can customise the position of your wines. Telescopic rails are something that people with ageing wine cabinets like to use as they can store bottles similarly to how they would in a wine cellar.

With the wine bottles in a wine storage cabinet being stored for a long period of time for successful ageing, the wine has to be kept safe. This has led to solid doors being fitted on many models. The doors allow the wine to be protected from light.

We stock a wide range of ageing cabinets that include Dunavox, Swisscave and La Sommeliere.

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