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At Enofaber, we stock a wide range of freestanding wine coolers. With a vast array of various styles available within our collection, it’s never been easier to find your ideal freestanding wine cooler unit. Although under-counter and built-in designs are equally as popular, many of our customers prefer the flexibility and free rein that comes with freestanding fridges.

We work closely with a selection of leading brands from around the world, including Climadiff, Swisscave and Dunavox. Unlike regular fridge freezers, freestanding coolers act as the perfect place to store wine collections for long periods of time.

Having a freestanding wine cooler comes with an array of benefits and advantages, allowing collectors to keep their bottles in optimal condition. Able to stand alone in any space you like, freestanding fridges are considerably easier to manage compared to those that are built-in.

As well as being able to stand freely on the ground, many freestanding designs are able to sit comfortably on top of kitchen counters and bar surfaces. With a varied temperature zone, freestanding wine coolers can house different wine types and soft drinks.

Freestanding wine fridges are considered to be one of the most popular kitchen accessories, with many people considering them to be an essential appliance within their home or commercial space.

Our wine coolers are made with reliable, long-lasting materials and offer a sleek, smart appearance. Crafted with black hardware and stainless steel, wine coolers look great alongside all interiors.

If you’re looking to expand your wine collection in the future, you could benefit from buying a cooling product from our freestanding collection that has a larger bottle capacity. With a selection of sizes to choose from, you’ll be able to accommodate all collection sizes.

Main Features of Freestanding Wine Coolers

Freestanding wine coolers do a lot more than you think - not only do they keep your wine at the right temperature for long durations of time, but they also protect your bottles from harsh sunlight and humidity.

Many of our products come with UV-protected glass doors and light technologies. We offer both multi and dual-zone wine coolers as part of our collection, ensuring that there’s something to suit everyone's needs and requirements.

With freestanding wine coolers becoming increasingly popular over the years, it’s clear to see why so many of our customers settled for this type of design when they were making their purchases. Freestanding wine coolers can accommodate red, white and sparkling wines.

Having the perfect view of your freestanding wine cooler is essential, which is why many of our designs feature interior lighting - this helps our customers see their collections in darker conditions. With a range of key features that come with our freestanding models, what’s not to love?

Lingering aromas can occur with freestanding wine coolers - thankfully, many of our designs come with an integrated charcoal filter. Charcoal filters work to eliminate unwanted smells that lie dormant within your wine cooler.

Benefits of Owning a Freestanding Wine Cooler

There’s an array of benefits that come with owning a freestanding wine cooler. Offering many conveniences, freestanding units are different to integrated models. Although built-in coolers are equally as popular, many people enjoy the free rein and creativity that freestanding units offer.

You’re able to switch up the location of your wine cooler when it’s left freestanding - this is something you can't do with built-in models. Built-in units are designed to stay in place and act as an extension of your pre-existing kitchen cabinets.

If you have a child, you can make use of our lock feature - this helps you rest easy knowing no one can get into your freestanding wine cooler whilst you’re not around.

Often placed in kitchens, garages, utility rooms and basements, freestanding wine coolers can be placed wherever you like. A selection of our wine coolers has vibration-free compressors, which is ideal if you want a cooling unit that doesn’t generate much sound.

Vibrations can disturb sediments within your wine, causing a disruption to both the ageing process and overall taste.

Ideal for commercial spaces such as hotels, bars and restaurants, larger freestanding wine cooler models can accommodate up to 200 bottles at a time. For those looking for smaller-sized wine coolers, you’ll be glad to know that portable, freestanding wine coolers are available within our collection too.

Where to Store a Freestanding Wine Cooler

Freestanding wine coolers can be placed wherever you like - this is why they’re becoming so increasingly popular. Many of our customers enjoy the advantage of being able to position their freestanding unit where they want when they like.

However, it’s important to follow the guidelines that are given with each freestanding unit. Due to the placement of the vents, freestanding wine coolers need sufficient space for ventilation - usually a couple of centimetres around the rear and sides of the unit and 12 inches of space above.

If you’re having a social gathering and need to free up room, you’ll be able to swap the location of your wine cooler on your own accord - this is something that you can’t do with models that are built-in to kitchen cabinets.

Our range of freestanding wine coolers runs quietly compared to other models, making them the perfect appliance to integrate into your home or business space. If you’re unsure about where’s best to place your wine cooler, our friendly team of wine storage experts will be able to guide you.

We work tirelessly to ensure our customers are satisfied with both their purchases and delivery experience. Our team are available to talk to even after delivery - we give customers professional advice and answer any ongoing questions regarding their freestanding wine cooler.

Freestanding Wine Coolers at Enofaber

Enofaber is a leading wine storage company, based in the UK. We stock well-known brands such as EXPO, Climadiff and Swisscave - some of the most successful wine storage brands on the market today. With a range of five-star reviews and ratings, it’s evident that our top-quality services have impressed customers.

Postage comes with a two-person delivery system on larger orders, making it easier than ever to manoeuvre your cooling unit into your designated space. We cover the majority of the uk mainland, Ireland and the Scottish Highlands.

We work hard to provide customers with some of the best freestanding wine coolers. Our team are dedicated to making sure that previous customers are still happy with their purchase, offering expert advice for those that need additional information about their freestanding wine cooler.

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