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Climadiff is a reputable wine cabinet manufacturer whose brand originates from France. Having been in the industry since the late 1990s, Climadiff is a well-known wine cabinet provider that specialises in long-term wine storage.

Wine cabinets are crucial when you need to house collections of wine bottles that require storage. The ageing process of wine has to be spot on - storing your wine at the wrong temperature can have detrimental effects on both the flavour and aroma of the wine.

Our ageing cabinets are perfect for alcoholic goods that need to be stored accordingly. Whether you’re looking for a wine cabinet with a small or large bottle capacity, Climadiff has something for everyone.

Climadiff wine coolers are an affordable option for those who want an integrated storage unit in their home or commercial space. Wine cellars still hold their title as being one of the most efficient storage methods, but as time has gone on and technology has advanced, wine coolers and cabinets have proven to be immensely popular.

Modern-day wine storage has a range of key benefits unlike wine cellars, including single-zone wine temperature options and high-quality wine racks to display your bottles on. Both Climadiff and Enofaber have sufficient experience and knowledge when it comes to providing electrical products.

How are Climadiff Wine Coolers Beneficial?

Climadiff wine coolers and cabinets are extremely beneficial for those who are needing to accommodate their wine collections. Having your wine stored at the right temperature is key - it can be hard to age accordingly when it’s placed in the wrong storage, such as regular household fridges.

With delicate notes and eccentric flavours being found in most wines, it would be a shame to ruin the overall taste because of bad storage and temperature maintenance. Strong flavours can easily be lost in your wine when the temperature gets too warm or cold, this is why it’s so important to have your wine stored in the right cooling system.

The ideal wine storage temperature is around 12-13 degrees Celcius. Climadiff ensures that its products are consistently kept within the recommended temperature range. To successfully age your wine, you’ll need to have your wine in consistent conditions - this is something that Climadiff wine coolers and cabinets can offer.

How Do Cimadiff Wine Coolers Work?

Climadiff wine coolers and cabinets work by using modern-day technology. Unlike the traditional wine cellar method that many use to keep their wine collections, Climadiff coolers and cabinets have integrated systems that keep them at a sufficient temperature for the wine to age the best it can.

Whether it’s a freestanding model or built-in, Climadiff has something to suit everyone's preferred choice. Freestanding models are great because of the free rein that comes with them - you’re able to move your cooler around wherever and whenever you like.

Built-in Climadiff models can be placed under counter, in your home bar or wall space. Built-in models can run perfectly thanks to the way our Climadiff range is manufactured. Thanks to the diverse range of bottle capacities, Climadiff wine coolers and cabinets can be used for both small and large collections.

Key Features of Climadiff Wine Coolers

Climadiff makes both coolers and cabinets with a wide range of key features. We design our Climadiff products with a variety of features to make sure your wine stays in the best condition in storage.

Winter systems for protection through colder climates, silk-screening, humidity regulation and anti-moisture parts are a small selection of key features that come with certain Climadiff cabinet models.

Wine coolers have slightly different features compared to cabinet models, including quiet noise output, air cooling system and LED lighting. Not only are Climadiff wine coolers and cabinets ideal for housing bottle collections, but they also look great among an array of different interiors.

Because of their simple design, you won’t have to worry about Climadiff products not matching your home interior. Made with some of the highest quality materials, Climadiff products are reliable, durable and long-lasting.

To find out more about the key features and accessories that come with Climadiff products, be sure to check out each item description within our collection.

Where to Place Your Climadiff Wine Cooler

Similar to most wine coolers and cabinets, you can place them where you like. Whether you’re purchasing a Cimadiff product for your home or commercial space, they look great in a variety of different places.

Having a bottle collection is a luxury, so why not have them stored in luxury? Wine coolers and cabinets offer a great place to keep your wine whilst looking incredibly stylish and sleek. When you compare both our freestanding and built-in models, there's no doubt that you can have more creativity with freestanding.

Freestanding designs can be placed anywhere in your home, whether that be your kitchen, dining room, garage or bedroom if you wanted to. Built-in designs are fixated into your kitchen cabinets or wall space - this means you won’t be able to move your cooler or cabinet from the designated area once it’s securely installed.

Made with top-quality materials and thick, UV-protected glass doors, you won't have to worry about your wine bottles being damaged by direct sunlight. It only takes a few days of your wine being placed in intense light exposure for it to deteriorate - this simply won’t happen when you use our products to store your wine collection.

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