Climadiff Wine Cabinets

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Climadiff is a wine cabinet manufacturer based in France that specialises in the long term storage of wine.

Since the late 1990s, Climadiff has used its experience in electrical products to manufacture some of the best wine storage cabinets that are available on the market.

Climadiff has used its expertise to provide high-quality units at affordable prices for wine collectors everywhere.

Whether you are looking for a Climadiff wine cabinet with a large capacity designed to age your wine or you are looking for a smaller freestanding model, there is something from their extensive range that will be right for you.

The main aspect that everyone considers when purchasing any wine cabinet is whether their collection of wine will be protected, with Cliamdiff, most of their wine cabinets are stored with a solid door.

This allows your wine collection to be stored in total darkness. Most Climadiff units come with solid doors.

However, the Climadiff range that features a glass door is triple glazed or is specially treated to ensure that the quality of the wine is maintained.

With the optimum wine storage temperature being between 12-13°C, Climadiff wine cabinets ensure that a consistent temperature is maintained.

This is vital in the success of ageing wine as the wine needs to have consistent conditions in order for the wine to be optimised for the best wine-drinking experience.

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