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Dual-zone coolers are perfect for collectors who have a varied selection of wines that they need to accommodate. With various bottle capacity options available, it’s easier than ever to house your collection regardless of whether it’s big or small.

Storing your wine at the correct temperature is crucial, whether you’re a wine enthusiast or not. Having different temperature zones in your wine cooler allows you to store an array of wines and expand your collection even further if you wish to do so.

Unlike traditional fridge freezers, wine coolers offer a safe place for your bottles to rest at a maintained temperature. When you compare a dual-zone wine fridge to a typical household unit, there are many differences that set them apart. If you’re interested in finding out more about our wide range of dual-zone wine coolers, read on.


Dual Zone Wine Coolers: Main Features

A dual-zone wine cooler is one of the best kitchen accessories - not only do they have an excellent energy rating but they also allow you to store different wine variants at the same time.

Two separate temperature units run through our dual-zone wine coolers, helping to keep both red and white wine stored efficiently.

Having control over your wine collection is key, and dual-zone wine coolers certainly let you do that. Wine fridges in general are beneficial for collectors - having a place to keep your wine that offers both temperature and humidity control always comes with advantages.

Our dual-zone wine coolers come with acoustic door alarms, alerting you whenever you’ve accidentally left your door open. Having a feature such as an alarm gives our customers a sense of security - knowing you won’t be faced with defrosted wine is always a bonus.

We work with brands that ensure their products are built with excellence and the highest standard in mind at all times, not only are the wine coolers themselves made with some of the finest materials that are designed to last, but they also come with sturdy shelving inside.

Shelving is incredibly important when it comes to choosing the right cooling unit. At Enofaber, we stock dual-zone wine coolers that come with display shelving - this shelving type allows you to organise your bottles accordingly for guests to see.

As well as being able to hold different-sized bottles, the shelving units inside our dual-zone wine coolers can also hold decanters, glasses and other drinking accessories.

When you’re storing a collection of any size, you want it to be visible - this is easily done thanks to the integrated LED lighting system that comes with most designs.


Benefits of Owning a Dual-Zone Wine Cooler

Owning a dual-zone wine cooler comes with an array of key benefits. Wine can deteriorate rapidly if it’s left in an insufficient temperature zone, ultimately leading to flavours and overall taste being diminished.

Unlike a single-zone wine cooler, a multi-zone wine cooler comes with dual temperature zones.

Whether you’ve been collecting wine for an extensive period of time or you’re new to the endeavour, dual-one wine coolers are one of the best cooling units to go for when you’re weighing up options.

Having a place to keep your collection with the added benefit of knowing they will remain chilled at all times is crucial when you’re looking to purchase a new wine cooler.

Although many people collect one wine variant, it’s an advantage to have a wine cooler that can accommodate all wines.

Keeping your wine in a regular fridge can be detrimental to your collection, especially when they’re frequently getting disturbed by the opening and closing of the door all the time.

Meeting many specifications, dual-zone wine coolers have a low noise level and many designs are low-vibrational.

It’s important that your wine remains in the best condition, and having a wine cooler that vibrates consistently could cause some damage. Thankfully, the brands we work with know how to design and manufacture top-quality wine coolers with years of experience and knowledge.


How Are Dual-Zone Wine Coolers Installed?

How your dual-zone wine cooler is installed all comes down to which design you go for. Freestanding wine coolers can stand alone, requiring little to no installation - this is different for built-in wine coolers.

Built-in wine coolers are placed under counter, typically found in a free cabinet or wall space. Having a wine cooler installed in your living space can bring a modern touch to your home, adding luxury, sophistication and style.

On the other hand, freestanding dual-zone wine coolers are ideal for those who own a commercial space and have a large collection to accommodate.

With freestanding designs comes additional free rein and creativity. Both freestanding and built-in coolers are equally accessible and work in a similar way - both requiring air ventilation depending on the model.


Dual-Zone Wine Coolers at Enofaber

Enofaber are well-established in the world of wine storage, providing excellent cooling systems to those living in the UK, Ireland and the Scottish Highland.

We’re proud of the many five-star reviews we’ve been given over the years from previous customers, and it’s clear to see why such quality brands want to work with us.

From Dunavox, Dometic and Avintage, we’ve been able to stock well-known brands that originate from various countries across the globe.

Avintage is one of the leading manufacturers in France - we know the importance of being able to bring this brand to our UK customers.

We are renowned for our service, providing a two-man delivery system to those who shop with us here at Enofaber. It can be challenging hauling a large dual-zone wine cooler into your home, which is why we acted upon this idea to help our loyal customers.

For additional information about our products and how we operate, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our friendly team either by phone or email. Call us on 0345 257 0505.

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