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At Enofaber, we stock various top-quality wine cooler brands - one of them being Swisscave. Swisscave originates in Switzerland, proving to be one of the most popular wine cooler brands on the market today. With each product meeting the highest of standards, Swisscave wine coolers make the ideal storage for your bottle collection.

Wine fridges are essential kitchen accessories if you’re planning to house a collection of bottles. No matter the style of wine cooler or wine cabinet you’re after, Enofaber has a wide range of options to choose from.

If you’re interested in implementing a Swisscave wine cooler into your home, look no further than Enofaber. We have a vast selection of Swisscave products with built-in, cigar humidors and freestanding units available. To find out more about our collection, continue reading.

Benefits of Owning a Swisscave Wine Cooler

There are plenty of benefits that come with owning expert wine storage. Having a designated area to keep your wine in can be beneficial when it comes to hosting parties and events in your home.

Not only does having a wine cooler offer many conveniences, but it also allows more space in your regular fridge freezer unit.

Keeping wine in a regular fridge freezer model can be extremely detrimental to the flavour and aromas that your wine offers - with a different temperature zone to what you’d find in a wine cooler, regular fridges either over-chill your wine or mute the flavours completely.

Regardless of whether your Swisscave product is a dual-zone or single-zone wine cooler, you can rest assured that your wine collection won’t be affected by the elements, and they’ll still be chilled in the correct temperature range.

As well as providing the right temperature range, Swisscave wine coolers and wine cabinets can also hold large bottle capacities.

With capacities ranging from 40-220 bottles, you’ll be able to find the perfect Swisscave wine cooler no matter how many bottles you need to accommodate. No matter the decor within your home, a Swisscave wine cooler will add a modern touch to your existing interior.

Key Features of Swisscave Wine Coolers

Swisscave designs come with an array of top features. One of the most popular features that seem to impress our loyal Enofaber customers is UV-protected glass doors - this feature allows you to find which bottle you’re looking for easily - and protects your wine from harsh lighting.

Frequent exposure to sunlight can damage your wine, causing different chemical reactions. The ultraviolet rays from the sun can change the colour of your wine, altering the overall taste massively - something that shouldn’t happen during storage.

Made from beech wood, Swisscave wine coolers have sturdy shelving racks that slide out with ease. Displaying your bottle collection neatly is one of the most important aspects of wine storage, with many people being proud of their growing collections and wanting to show them off to guests.

All of our Swisscave models are lockable, which comes in handy if you have younger children living in your home. Being able to lock your wine cooler offers peace of mind and provides additional security - this feature can be beneficial if your home was to endure a burglary.

Difference Between Single-Zone and Dual-Zone Wine Coolers

Single-zone and dual-zone wine coolers share similar features, with both being able to offer an efficient storage temperature to keep your wine collection stored. Single-zone units are only able to accommodate one wine variant, whether it be white, red, rosé, champagne or Prosecco.

If you only drink one type of wine, then a single-zone wine cooler will do you perfectly. Dual-zone coolers on the other hand provide a range of various temperatures that allows you to store a mix of wines. Best used in restaurants and bars, dual-zone wine coolers are versatile and offer the most flexibility.

All wine coolers have a compressor, a part within most designs that helps to keep the temperature active. With an excessive amount of experience when it comes to manufacturing wine coolers, you can rest assured that Swisscave designs are some of the best on the market today.

Where to Place Your Swisscave Wine Cooler

Deciding on where to place your Swisscave wine cooler all comes down to preference and convenience. Most homeowners integrate a wine cooler into their kitchen space, whether that be built-in or freestanding - this isn’t to say you could have a cooling unit in your living room, dining room or bedroom.

Convenience is one of the main factors to consider when you’re deciding where to place your wine cooler. Choosing a place that has enough space around it for you to open and close your wine cooler door whilst is crucial, there’s nothing worse than overcrowding.

Built-in wine coolers are harder to position, with the main reason being that you won’t be able to move it again if you change your mind. Unlike freestanding designs, built-in models have to remain in your property if you decide to move locations, which can be annoying if you don’t want to part with it.

Freestanding units are typically found in commercial buildings and hospitality venues, but can often be found in homes as well. Offering much free rein and creativity when it comes to placement, freestanding units are the best style to go for if you like to change your furniture and kitchen accessories around frequently.

Swissave Wine Coolers at Enofaber

Wine coolers are ideal gifts for loved ones or yourself. With quick-view product features across our collections, it’s easier than ever to find your dream Swisscave wine cooler.

Enofaber offers fast delivery and has maintained excellent shipping standards - we make sure your product arrives safely with our team.

As a company, Enofaber spends time finding the best wine cooler brands from around the world. Upon review, it’s clear to see that our customers are extremely happy with their Swisscave wine coolers.

With a long list of five-star reviews, we can confidently say that we’ve obtained plenty of customers since we first established who all seem to be loving the brands that we stock.

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