Swisscave Wine Coolers

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Based in Switzerland, Swisscave is a popular brand in the wine storage world due to them manufacturing wine fridges to meet the highest standard.

They have used specialists in the design process to incorporate specialist ideas into the manufacturing of their wine cabinets to create something to their incredibly high standards.

Attention to detail is clear with the materials that Swisscave uses when manufacturing their wine coolers.

The full glass doors are treated for full UV protection of your wines whilst the beechwood shelving can slide, allowing you to find particular bottles of wine quickly.

The other key benefit of beech wood shelving is that it is less likely to wear as opposed to oak wood shelving.

A unique feature of all Swisscave models is that they are lockable. This is especially handy to keep your wines safe from children.

With capacities ranging from 40-220 bottles, Swisscave manufactures a wide range of freestanding wine coolers and cigar humidors that all come with a practical look to provide a classy finish.

Swisscave models are either single or dual zone wine coolers.

The main difference between a single and a dual temperature zone is that with a dual temperature zone, there are two different zones that can be at different temperatures at the same time.

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