Different Methods Of Storing Wine

Wine is a versatile drink - you can find a bottle of quality wine for any season or occasion. However, the way you store wine can have an effect on the taste, texture, and appearance.

Different types of wines have different optimal storage temperatures, and wine is often stored at different temperatures for serving and for long-term storage.

Your wine collection deserves the best storage possible, but what are the best methods of storing wine? And why? Keep reading to learn more about wine coolers, wine cabinets, wine cellars, and wine racks.


Wine Cooler

A wine cooler, also known as a wine fridge, is a unit in which bottles of wines are stored at a chilled temperature.

It keeps your wine collection or your favourite bottles fresh and well preserved, so each and every sip is as enjoyable as possible.

Wine coolers usually store wine between 11 and 14°C and many wine coolers will offer different temperatures for storing in the long term and for serving.

Serving wine at the right temperature will result in fresher, better-preserved wine, and can bring out the right flavours, aromas, and textures.

You can find wine coolers in all different shapes and sizes, so it won’t be too difficult to find a cooler that will fit in with the interior of your kitchen, dining room, and living room as well as meeting your wine-storing requirements.

A wine cooler not only displays your wine in a classy way but demonstrates that you know your wine and that your wine is top quality.

Most wine coolers will accommodate regular 750ml bottles of wine, but the majority of coolers will enable you to rearrange the shelves to accommodate larger bottles such as Champagne or Prosecco.

A wine cooler is a must-have for those with smaller wine collections - wine improves with age, and a good wine cooler will certainly help this process along.


Wine Cabinet

Optimal storage is a must, especially if you want to take care of your more expensive bottles of wine.

A wine cabinet is a piece of furniture that can store your wine in the best possible way in either the short term or in the long term.

The way wine is stored is important, as factors such as light, humidity, vibration, and temperature can have an effect on the quality of the wine.

A good wine cabinet will have the right temperature, lower any disruptive vibrations, keep out the light, and manage the humidity levels - most wine cabinets give you some control over the temperature too, which is always useful if you want to keep your serving wines separate.

A wine cabinet with dual temperature zones or multiple zones will give you more control over the temperature - you can set one temperature for whites, one for reds, one for sparkling wines, and another for wines ready to be served.

It’s not just wine bottles that you can store in a wine cabinet - many wine cabinets can accommodate glass holders, stemware, and other wine accessories.

Just like wine coolers, wine cabinets can come in different shapes, sizes, and brands - some cabinets can contain as few as 15 bottles, and others will be able to accommodate a much larger collection.


Wine Cabinet Vs Wine Cooler

You may be thinking that wine coolers and wine cabinets are essentially the same, but they are two separate things.

A wine cooler is a more compact unit, that usually stores a smaller amount of bottles on a short term basis, although you can get long-term wine coolers.

Wine cabinets tend to be more expensive and more sophisticated, and are suited to larger collections.

With wine cabinets, you can usually store wine on both a short term and long term basis.

Depending on the model, you may be able to control different temperature zones on both wine cabinets and wine coolers, which can enable you to have wine stored in the long term and wine ready to be served in the same unit.

If you don’t have a wine cellar, a wine cabinet is the next best option.


Wine Cellar

A wine cellar is perfect for wine enthusiasts - it’s the best place you can store your wine collection, no matter how many bottles you have.

However, wine cellars are ideal for those with a large collection - most people that have wine cellars will store hundreds of bottles of wine at a time.

Wine cellars are essentially cool and damp spaces, usually located in an underground basement, or a convenient space such as under the stairs.

In a wine cellar, you’ll find organised shelves where you can order your wine in the best possible way.

It can be expensive to buy and keep a wine cellar - things such as the size, the design, the brand, the temperature controls, the materials used, and the interior can all drive up the cost of a wine cellar.

Before purchasing a wine cellar, it’s important to ensure you can accommodate the space needed - as usually, you’ll need a whole room.


Wine Rack

A wine rack is a perfect option for those who would rather display their wines or those who have a smaller collection.

You can place a wine rack pretty much anywhere - on top of a counter, under a counter, on top of a fridge, or even on your dining room table.

There are plenty of rack designs out there, so you’re sure to find one that fits in perfectly with your home.

Whether you’re after a vertical rack that can store opened bottles of wine, or a horizontal rack to display your finest wines, you’re sure to find an effective and efficient wine rack within your budget.

One of the best things about wine racks is the fact that they’re portable - you can move them around the home, which is perfect for short-term storage, parties, it can make it easier to clean your kitchen.

However, if your rack doesn’t have a cooling system, then storing your wine in the long term won’t be as effective as with a wine cooler.


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